Even though four years have passed Game of Thrones finished HBO The expansion of Westeros continues to be planned with a TV series set in the same world as the Emmy Award-winning blockbuster project. It was recently announced that the studio is in development Knights of the Seven Kingdoms: A hedge knight, a prequel to the adventures of Ser Duncan the Tall and young Aegon V Targaryen. during the conversation with Submission deadline; termination period, Francesca OrciHBO’s head of drama hinted at how the upcoming show will compare to other stories produced in the franchise.

apparently A hedge knight will have a relatively small scale Game of Thrones in order not to compete directly with Dragon House. Three seasons are currently planned for the prequel, with the intention of releasing them annually. On the other hand, one season Dragon House Depending on the context of the filming process, production can take up to two years. In the first season, the Targaryen prequel faced many delays due to the impact of the pandemic on the industry, and now the new episodes are in the middle of filming. Writers Guild of America strike


Filming in the middle of a strike means the show can’t count with its scriptwriters on set, and any adjustments to the show’s dialogue or story may be ruined. It’s certainly odd to ignore the work of such an important part of the production process in a series that’s been praised for its writing. Despite this, Queen Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Prince Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) will soon return to seek revenge on Alicenta (Olivia Cooke) and his men because the dragon riders had had enough of their shenanigans.

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What happens A hedge knight Being about?

The new prequel is set about a century before the main series, after Ser Duncan the Long and Aegon V Targaryen, with less adventures than the constant quest for power in the other series. While no release date has been set for the new project, HBO doesn’t want one as big as Dragon House is the exact song they want to get A hedge knight Targaryen airs before the prequel ends. Whether the new program can be just as impressive remains to be seen The rest of the tales of Westeros.

Dragon House expected to come to HBO and Max next year.