Six leading Match of the Day commentators added to Saturday’s growing boycott of the show: Gary Lineker rejected by BBC.

In a joint statement from the group, which includes regular commentators such as Steve Wilson and Conor McNamara, it was stated that “it would not be appropriate to take part in the program”.

It was added to the revolt that followed. BBC’s decision to remove Lineker from presenter post After leading the former British International, criticism of the government’s new asylum policy violated the neutrality guidelines.

Micah Richards, Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott also opted out of the show, while Ian Wright and Alan Shearer announced that they would not be playing the Game of the Day as scheduled for the purpose of Solidarity.

Match of the Day has forced it to take the unprecedented step of announcing that the show will “focus on match action without studio presentation or experts” – but key moments from the match also risk no longer having any commentary unless the producers decide to use them. World broadcast of the Premier League.

Commentators released a joint statement late Friday, saying: “As commentators of MOTD, we have made the decision to withdraw from tomorrow night’s broadcast.

“We are relieved that football fans who want to watch their team can still do so, as the management can use World Feed comments if they wish. However, we do not find it appropriate to participate in the program under the current circumstances.”

Wright and Shearer announced earlier in the day that they would boycott the Game of the Day in “solidarity” with Lineker, and Richards, Jenas and Scott also decided not to attend the show.

The BBC later confirmed There will be no presenters or experts in the Match of the Day. A BBC spokesperson said: “Some of our experts said they didn’t want to be on the show as Gary and I tried to resolve the situation.

“We understand their position and have decided that the program will focus on match action without studio presentation or experts.”

The BBC previously told Lineker was told to “withdraw” from presentation duties for using social media.

Lineker entered the debate over neutrality after criticizing the government’s asylum policy regarding small boats. The former English striker compared the language the government used when initiating policy to 1930s Germany.