All is not well for Bode (Max Thieriot) before the Season 1 finale Country of fire. Things took a turn for the better as he was one day away from parole and he and Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila) finally formalized things. Then, at the end of episode 21, when he was told he failed a drug test, the world came crashing down around him. Now, knowing Bode was clean, he has probable cause to send him back to prison. Collider can exclusively reveal a new clip from the finale of the hit CBS drama, in which Bode tells Gabriela the bad news.

Initially seeing Bode on his way to his next job, Gabriela is happy to see him and discusses what will happen after his big parole hearing. However, all joy fades when he confronts her with the news. He is a Sleeper (Grant Harvey), his old cellmate, who ran drugs through the inmates in the fire program, found a way to screw up Bode’s drug test after Bode beat him up, killing Bode’s chances of release. Regardless, Gabriela believes in him and promises to stand by him whether he succeeds or not, showing the bond that has grown between them throughout the first season. Unfortunately, her father and the chief who runs the program, Manny (Kevin Alejandro), is not convinced of Bode’s innocence, which makes his fight for freedom even more difficult.


Bode’s story thus far has been one of redemption, as he proves himself to be a reliable and respectable inmate as a member of the firefighting program released from prison. It hasn’t been the easiest road fighting the wildfires in Northern California, especially when Sleeper reared its ugly head. serial arsonist is runningbut these fans were looking forward to attending CBS’ new primetime slate. The finale may reinforce everything he’s done to prove that he’s on the straight and narrow, but the crew also faces a major disaster as they battle a flood headed for Edgewater.

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Who makes up the crew? Country of fire?

A the second season is already in line for Country of fire after it becomes one of television’s most-watched new series, but it’s unclear when that will happen. the ongoing WGA strike. Thieriot not only stars, but also serves as series writer and co-executive producer Tony Phelan and Joan Rather. The series is based on some SEAL team serves as a nod to the star’s own experiences and the dangers firefighters face on the job every day. Thieriot, Arcila and Alejandro will play the main roles Diane Farr, Billy Burkeand Jules Latimer.

Country of fire The Season 1 finale will air on May 19 at 9:00 PM CT/ET. Watch the exclusive clip below.