Forever Entertainment revealed Front Mission 2: Remake release date The reimagined version of the classic mech-based strategy RPG is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 12th, the first time the game is officially available outside of Japan. The game will have improved loading times, new language support and many other tweaks.

Back in November, Forever Entertainment released a remake the original Frontline mission for Switch, and in June it’s the sequel’s turn to get a remake. Twelve years after Guffman’s second conflict, the starving people of Alordesh rise up against the Cooperative Union of Oceania, leading to a tense global political situation.


Front Mission 2: Remake switches between the perspectives of three different characters: Ash, Lisa, and Thomas. According to Forever Entertainment, this creates a worldview that “transcends the simple dichotomy between good and evil.” After all, if the people of Alordesh are starving, it’s not hard to imagine why they might decide to rebel.

Regarding gameplay improvements, Front Mission 2: Remake will have better load times compared to the PlayStation original, so you won’t have to wait long to get back into the action. You’ll also find new language support, a new camera option that lets you zoom in during combat, and new color and camouflage options for your Wanzers. Of course, the visuals and sound have also been updated to modern standards.

Front Mission 2: Remake coming to Nintendo Switch on June 12th. You can watch the game List of Nintendo eShop if you want a little more information about it. Also, if you haven’t already checked Front Mission 1st: Remakeyou can do it through the eShop the same. There’s no word yet on any sort of multi-platform release for these games, so it looks like if you want to check out this reimagined mecha RPG classic, you’ll need a Switch.