Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022
Sound boundaries
Image: SEGA, Capcom

Update [Tue 15th Nov, 2022 03:45 GMT]: The free Monster Hunter DLC for Sonic Frontiers is now available. Go to the Switch web store to download it. Its size is about 9 MB.

“The world of Monster Hunter clashes with Sonic Frontiers in the Monster Hunter co-op set! Push the boundaries of style with the hunter’s Rathalos costume and Felyne’s Rathalos costume. Then make a well-deserved break with the Hunter BBQ Pack.”

Sound boundaries
Image: SEGA

Original article [Tue 11th Oct, 2022 01:30 BST]: Sonic Frontiers isn’t even out yet, but Sega has already made quite a few DLC announcements. It has now been announced that they will also be teaming up with Capcom to offer some Monster Hunter themed DLC for free!

Sega will release Sonic Frontiers on November 8, and a week later, on November 14, this themed DLC will be available for download. In this free co-op pack, players will receive equipment based on Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos, and will also be able to play the BBQ Spit “grilled meat” mini-game to power up Sonic.

Here are the social media announcements from both companies, plus some special illustrations:

Some of the free DLC already announced for Sonic Frontiers includes the VTuber DLC with pre-orders in Japan, and Sonic fans who subscribe to the Sega newsletter will receive a pair of shoes based on Sonic Adventure 2.

By the way, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is now available. Capcom is actively releasing its regular free updates – the third should be released by the end of November.

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