Francis Ngannou suggested this Jones ‘run’ in his fight with Cyrillic Gane for ‘fear’ UFC 285.

Jones is back to deliver Gane after a three-year hiatus. He won the vacant heavyweight title in Round 1 on Saturday. American, a former two-time light heavyweight champion He knocked Gane down early before forcing the French to guillotine choke.

And Ngannou, who relinquished the title when he left the UFC in January, now focuses on the performances of Jones and Gane.

“I knew that if Jones came out in a good field mentally, like in his last two fights, he would be victorious in this fight,” Ngannou said. Youtube channel. “I have never seen this fight so short, I think this fight could have been longer.

“I was surprised at how the fight ended. I think he was also surprised when he saw Kiryl’s reaction because he wasn’t even defensive. He didn’t think there would be any surrender from where he was. That was a pretty great performance from Jones.

However, Ngannou admitted that even though he didn’t expect the 35-year-old to finish the fight this early, he expected Jones to be better than Gane in tough trades.

“I knew if I could take down Ciryl, Jon would be another story,” Ngannou said, referring to his last fight at the UFC—a decision win over his former teammate in January 2022. “Jon would have a rough night if he put his hand on her.

“What I do know is that Jon was in a hurry. Jon didn’t want to include him because I think he was afraid of something – maybe getting tired at some point, not being able to catch it – so he was chasing her from the first minute to grab her.

“He broke up pretty well, but that tells me something: He wasn’t very sure of himself. He was in a rush, that’s good for him.”

Jones is expected to fight former champion Stipe Miocic from now on.potentially in July.

Jones’ American friend is considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight ever., but Miocic did not fight for two years. The 40-year-old player lost by knockout to Ngannou in his final debut three years after leaving Cameroonian behind.

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