Fortnite Cipher Quest is back! First introduced in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, they return in Chapter 4 Season 2. And while most of them are similar to other regular challenges in your favorite battle royale, others are unique and require some puzzle solving and spying skills . This guide contains solutions for all Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest codes and coordinates.

Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Solutions

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If you can’t spend time solving every single Fornite Cipher coordinate puzzle on your own, don’t worry! Below you will find all the answers you will need to complete the Fortnite Encrypted Cipher quests. Every day until March 7, 2023, Epic Games will add a new code for us to crack. And we’ll do our best to add solutions in a timely manner so you know exactly what you need to do. Without further ado, here are all the current Fortnite Cipher cheats and solutions. – Examine the wall under the east building Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest

The first quest contains the following sequence of numbers: “” This is followed by the message: “Examine the wall… below the east building in… (MESSAGE ENCRYPTED)”. Thanks to hardworking community members like realNumberSetswe know that answer – Square anvil. So, to complete the first Encrypted Cipher Challenge, you will need to go to the basement of the easternmost building in Anvil Square and interact with the glowing wall in the basement. 1.22. – Evie. It’s time for us to come to you. Before meeting. -X

The second Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest reads: “Evie. It’s time for us to come to you. Before meeting. -X.” Of course, there is also a code: “ 1.22.”. Converted to letters, this code means “Sprinkle into a divided bowl.” From here it’s pretty clear what you need to do. Head to the Faulty Splits POI and then to the Splits Bowl bowling alley. Don’t go inside, though. Instead, use the emotion wheel outside the building to graffiti the wall to complete this quest.

Solution for March 1 Encrypted Cipher Quest in Fortnite – LONELY LABS. We’ll have more details when the quest goes live.

Fortnite Encrypted Cipher Quest Second Code Answer March 1 SHIELD PLATES. We will provide full instructions on how to complete it when the quest appears in the game.