Latest update for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 may be the most radical change yet, as players enter a neon-drenched futuristic city complete with rails, swords, Japanese-style buildings, and Attack on Titan crossover event. While the parts last Fortnite season were merged by data developers or created directly by Epic Games, the recently released gameplay trailer gives fans plenty of insight into what they can expect right out of the gate.


Chapter 4 brought plenty serious changes in Fortnite including the engine switch, using Unreal Engine 5 features like Lumen-based global lighting, Nanite technology for sharper detail, and more. However, that medieval setting with crossovers from the witcher and DOUM This seemed to be just the first step in showing off the new visuals, as Chapter 2 pushes things further with futuristic city environments drenched in neon lighting mixed with more tranquil Japanese-style villages dotting the map.

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Last Fortnite the gameplay trailer highlights all the new changes, almost making the traditional battle royale look like a completely different game. Gameplay begins in the rainy MEGA City environment, where players can grind and battle on fast-moving rail systems or take to the streets for more urban combat. The trailer soon switches to a Japanese countryside called Steamy Springs, showing off a new Kinetic Blade weapon with one of the latest characters to join the roster called Mystica.

As many have discovered before Fortnite Mega launch earlier today, the last one crossover IP for merging Fortnite is not other than Attack on Titan. As the trailer moves into its second half, fans can get a good look at Eren Jaeger based on his younger appearance as part of the Survey Corps in the anime. Better yet, Epic has also included an anime-style omnidirectional maneuvering system that allows players to grab onto objects and quickly approach them, almost like a belt-mounted grappling system. Players can even join enemies and zoom in for a classic hit as seen in the anime.

The update also includes many weapons, both new and unvaulted, as well as character skins and augmented reality. However, it seems that most of this information was already known to the community, as popular dataminers like ShiinaBR and HYPEX continued to tease fans with new looks at some of the new skins in Fortniteseason combat pass. In the end, the duo didn’t spoil too many surprises, instead letting Epic Games figure things out first before releasing most of the new details.

Fortnite available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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