Fortnite leaks are reporting that the long-awaited first-person mode for the battle royale is slated for release next season.

Fortnite Leaks claim that Battle Royale will feature the much-rumored first-person mode during Chapter 4, Season 2. Fortnite, until this moment, has never officially supported in the first person. Instead, he continued to focus on his third-person perspective, in part because of this FortniteBuilding-based gameplay is its top priority. Now this Fortnite leans more toward its No Build mode, but Epic Games seems ready and willing to give it a true first-person shot.


many Fortnite players have come to expect that first-person will never be added Fortnite. In 2018, Epic Games explicitly stated that it had no plans to add first-person gameplay because it wasn’t appropriate Fortnite“design style”. However, he said he is open to revisiting the idea in the future. There was evidence of the addition of the first-person mode first discovered in Fortnite at the end of January, leading to speculation that it would arrive quickly. A month has passed since then, and some worried Epic Games decided not to proceed.

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Liqueurs are back with an update on Fortnitefirst person situation. Battle Royale’s main leakers, the HYPEX and ShiinaBR Twitter accounts, claim to have confirmed from sources that Epic Games is preparing to launch its first-person mode very soon. The tentative plan, according to the sources, involves the introduction of the first-person mode Fortnite sometime in season 2 chapter 4. This means that the new regime may appear as early as March 10.

Details regarding the first-person mode are still unknown. HYPEX says in their Twitter responses that first-person is “likely to be an optional extra,” possibly implying that there won’t be a standalone mode, just an option in addition to the game’s current modes. Given the inherent imbalance introduced by supporting both third-person and first-person gameplay at the same time, a completely separate game mode seems more likely.

Fortnite it’s not the only battle royale to experiment with first-person after starting from third-person. When PUBG when first launched, it only allowed first-person gameplay in custom games. Due to the popularity of the regime, an official in the first person PUBG game mode was added relatively quickly. Both third-person and first-person modes continue to be supported PUBG because being successful and popular.

As with PUBGit is unlikely that the first-person mode will become the dominant option for Fortnite. Third-person gameplay is much more accessible and better for casual play, while first-person gameplay can be very challenging and competitive. It’s something a community of Fortnite players long wanted, but only time will tell if it will be successful enough to warrant continued support from Epic Games. Expect official updates on the subject in the next week or so, if leaks are to be believed.

Fortnite now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and mobile.

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