Forrest GumpHaley Joel Osment’s son may not be the scientist’s biological son Tom Hanks – according to one scientific theory. Any challenge to the integrity of the bedrock of American storytelling Forrest Gump can feel like an attack on a family member. This is especially true for the idea of ​​Forrest and Jenny, who spend most of the film as star-crossed lovers. Eventually, Jenny returns to Forrest and finds the two dating before breaking up again. When he returns a second time as a child, Forrest learns that he has a son and will lose his partner.

Forrest Jr. of Forrest Gump. sweet relationship with is one of the film’s most touching moments as it accompanies Jenny’s death – but is Forrest Jr. really her son? Similar to another Forrest Gump Fan Theories, there’s a lot of evidence behind it, including the fact that Forrest and Jenny haven’t been confirmed to have sex, a rough timeline of events, and Jenny’s behavior when she reunites with Forrest after a long absence. However, there are many reasons to believe this Forrest GumpJenny told the truth about her son’s father. Here’s a breakdown of that theory, as well as why it might not be true.

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Forrest Gump never showed the concept of Forrest Jr

Forrest gets married in Forrest Gump

This final sequence in their relationship questions the biological relationship between Forrest Gump’s son and the titular character. First, the filmmakers don’t make it clear Forrest Gump and Jenny’s relationship was always completed. It is unlikely that Forrest would have had enough experience to understand such a process. Not only was she a virgin, but she grew up in a region that lacked comprehensive sex education. While there is certainly precedent for using cinematic shorthand in lieu of actual sex scenes, the move is discouraged if not warranted here.

Movie Forrest Jr

Forrest Gump Forrest Gump reads a book to Forrest Jr. outside.

Jenny’s schedule with Forrest raises further questions about when Forrest Gump’s son will be conceived. When she first returns to him, she describes how Forrest is sleeping and has been sleeping for days – possibly a sign of an ongoing pregnancy. Perhaps Jenny sought refuge from her former lifestyle in the care of a trusted friend after learning she was pregnant, where she could determine next steps in a healthy environment without judgment.

Jenny was also clearly weighed down by the trauma she had experienced young Jenny Forrest Gumpof previous scenes. Soon after, Jenny leaves Forrest – in keeping with her eternal free spirit, or rather, because she feels guilty for letting Forrest take on this responsibility without her knowledge. When he returns to the well-traveled Forrest Gump, he may have set up the best life for his son.

Refuting Forrest Jr.’s theory

Jenny and Forrest in Forrest Gump

A simple fact that complicates this theory lies in the boy’s name: Forrest, Jr. If she gave birth to a child and raised it with another father, it is difficult to imagine that she would name it in honor of Forrest (especially with the sign Jr.). As Jenny is depicted in most of the second part of the film, she may not have known who Jr.’s father was, and therefore decided to name (and eventually hand over) him as the most responsible person. , he knew in his life, unpeachable person. Interestingly, Forrest Gump A novel by Winston Groom Jenny ends up raising her and Forrest Gump’s son with someone none the wiser, a secret shared between Forrest and Jenny.

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At the end of the day, this theory boils down to the simple fact that Forrest Jr. accepts him as a son without question. As with the rest of his life, Forrest is straightforward, honest, and steadfastly kind with Jenny’s death and the upbringing of Forrest Jr. After all, Forrest is the son’s real father (sorry aside).

A leaked sequel would have explored Forrest’s parentage

Forrest Gump Tom Hanks

Initially there were plans to implement Forrest Gump 2 Based on Winston Groom’s second book, Gump & Co. As well as charting Forrest’s life through major events in ’80s and ’90s America, the sequel would also feature an older version of his son and explore Forrest’s journey into parenthood. It’s probably Forrest Jr. and given his cheerfulness, it would be great for the audience The End of Forrest Gump the scene and the couple, no doubt, some kind of plot could have happened.

However, a sequel to the film never materialized, as screenwriter Eric Roth submitted his completed adaptation on September 10, 2001. sat down and agreed that the story of Forrest Gump was no longer relevant. As a result, the original Forrest Gump This gives the audience the only insight they can get into what the beloved character will be like as a father.

Forrest Jr.’s real father is one of the many Forrest Gump theories


Forrest Gump’s son being fathered by someone else and Jenny hiding it from Forrest isn’t even close to being the craziest theory about Robert Zemeckis’ 1994 blockbuster. Perhaps the most popular of these science theories is the one that claims that Forrest Gump is really dead. Cause it’s impossible Forrest Gumphistorical events of and the incredible character of this man, some viewers believe that Forrest’s life was possible only because he dreamed of a boy who was beaten by his thugs, tied to his leg to death.Depends on: Who Played Elvis in Forrest Gump? (Not Kurt Russell)

Perhaps even darker than the theory that Forrest Gump is dead, another suggests that he is being investigated by the law for illegal activities and that he is telling his story to the townspeople for their approval. Meanwhile, another innocuous theory about Forrest Gump’s son is questioning whether Forrest’s stories are true or if he just made them up to impress Jen. While these theories may seem morbid, pessimistic, or even downright offensive to the film’s legacy, they clearly state how. Forrest Gump remains one of the most influential Movies with Tom Hankseven though it’s been almost 30 years since it first came out.

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