Forrest Gump dead – at least according to one scientific theory. In the 1994 drama, Tom Hanks plays Forrest, an intellectually slow but sweet man from Greenbow, Alabama. He experiences a lot of history, meets Elvis Presley and several presidents, serves in the Vietnam War, and much more. But for all his success, the historical moments he’s experienced, and the influential people he’s met, what he wants most is to be with his life and the love of his childhood friend Jenny (Robin Wright). He always thinks about her, although he never seems to be able to win her heart Forrest Gump. Even in spite of this sad possibility, he takes great and impressive steps in his life. Things always work out in a way that allows him to excel in whatever he decides to try.

However, A story inspired by Forrest Gump’s history and miraculous lifeas announced by u/ragerblade On Reddit, it always seemed too good to be true – the main argument behind the dead Forrest Gump theory. The theory posits that Forrest’s life is not real and that he is actually dead for most of the film, noting that the titular character died as a child in a scene where he is being chased by thugs on a bicycle, and that he was overtaken and beaten. to death According to this thought process, the breaking of the braces on Forrest’s legs, which would be impossible by real-world standards, is actually symbolic of his release from existence on Earth. This theory explains how Forrest became the same angel and the rest Forrest Gump It clearly shows what his idealized life would have been had he survived.

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The fact that Forrest Gump is dead solves many uncertainties

The theory that Forrest Gump is dead may be sick, however The incredible achievements of Forrest Gump and unusual circumstances support this view. As the Reddit post also acknowledges, many other details of the plot are untrue. For example, Forrest’s ability to graduate from college and join the Army despite never having trained in table tennis and having a low IQ. Ultimately, despite his football scholarship and draft during the Vietnam War, he still couldn’t meet the intellectual demands that either path required.

He also acts as an “angel” for the other characters throughout the film. For example, Jenny struggles a lot in her personal life, which causes her to come back to Forrest on her schedule. Yet he gets it back every time. She is an angel to him, a fond memory of a childhood friend who truly loved and supported him, which is revealed when he abuses drugs to escape. Forrest Gump and Jenny’s relationship is definitely weird – but not when Forrest is actually her guardian angel.

The theory is certainly interesting and well thought out. There are several subplots that help support the idea that Forrest Gump died as a child. That said, given the entire film, the hypothesis is unlikely to be true. The film revolves around a life of resilience and determination, where Forrest overcomes his low IQ and all other obstacles to achieve more than most can dream of. If Forrest’s teenage and adult life turns out to be a twist. The sixth sense or JokerIf he wasn’t actually alive or some events didn’t happen, it would destroy the film’s main message of hope.

There are two major flaws in the Forrest Gump theory of death

Inspirational Forrest Gump

The idea that Forrest Gump is dead is not entirely accepted. First, time Forrest Gump in the book who was both a mathematical and creative genius, Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis and Eric Roth’s film version of Forrest excelled mainly at sports and following orders. This means that Forrest in the film did not have the imagination to dream of such a life, especially as a child – Forrest is many things, but he has never been artistic or creative. Secondly, even if Forrest Gump imagined everything, there would be no way to know about all the historical events of that time in which he participated during the film.

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Forrest Gump is dead is an interesting concept, but upon closer inspection, the theory simply falls apart. It is like many others Forrest Gump Fan Theories The fact that the film continues to circulate online nearly 30 years after its theatrical release also underscores just how deeply embedded the character is in the zeitgeist. Although the theory of Forrest Gump being dead is profoundly wrong, it remains a relevant discussion because people still can’t get enough of it. Forrest Gump.

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