Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Break has officially revealed the release period for the upcoming Ruin DLC expansion. The reveal came in the form of an incredibly creepy new trailer on developer Steel Wool Studios’ official YouTube channel.

The trailer, which you can watch in full below, features plenty of scenes that will feel somewhat familiar to those who’ve already made it through the main Breach storyline, though with the added fear factor of enemy animatronics, it looks even worse-for-wear than usual. Instead of young Gregory, the player will take on the role of a girl named Cassie, who decided to save him. As the audio plays a distress message from Gregory explaining that he’s trapped in the Pizzaplex, we get intermittent images of Roxanne Wolf, now missing most of her face except for her eyes; Glamrock Chica stumbles without a left arm, and the fully exposed endoskeleton of Montgomery Gator snaps its huge jaws at the player. Even a battered fan-favorite caretaker, Sun, makes an appearance, playfully waving at the camera.

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However, the most important information comes at the very end of the trailer, when it reveals a July 2023 release window.

While there are plenty of familiar faces in the trailer — albeit in a much worse state of neglect and decay than Gregory left them in the main Security Breach game — one sight that still has some unknown elements is Glamrock Freddy. While Freddy Fazbear was always a menacing threat to the player in previous entries in the series, Security Breach took a different approach, removing most of the supernatural hauntings that normally plague animatronics, and Freddy actually served as a lovable protector of our brave youth. main character. What appears to be Freddy’s exoskeleton appears around the 29-second mark of the video below, seemingly activating and leaning into Cassie’s first-person view, though we don’t get to see any instances of him trying to help or harm her. , so it’s unclear what his role will be this time around.

He made his debut in December last yearOriginal Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach received mixed reviews with a user score of 6.7 on Metacritic. Some fans of the franchise have also criticized it for its many failures, although others have praised it for taking the series in a bold new direction. While previous FNAF games confined the player to a small room, controlling flashlights, surveillance cameras, and fortified doors with a limited amount of electricity at their disposal, Security Breach is a full-on first-person survival game where Gregory wanders around. a huge indoor theme park, dodging corrupted animatronics trying to kill him and even fighting them with a stunning laser and various traps.

Judging by the trailer, Cassie will also have a few tools to help her along the way (including a magical Roxy-inspired walkie-talkie), but we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if she’ll be doing it on her own or with the support of a big bad metal bear . If nothing else, the DLC should keep FNAF fans excited until release main moviewhich is scheduled for October 27.

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