Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

If you need to know how Fixed an issue that prevented Ultra Beast Protection Efforts from displaying in Pokemon GO., you may have a little problem. Well, a lot of trouble. The only reason that seems universal is Team Rocket’s unfinished tasks. Yes, quite a pickle for some of you, isn’t it? Fortunately, this can also be a mistake, as we are going to explain. Let’s dive in!

Fixed an issue where Ultra Beasts Protection Efforts were not showing up in pokemon go
Fixed an issue that caused Ultra Beast’s defense efforts to not display in Pokemon GO

How to Fix Pokemon GO Ultra Beast Defense Efforts Not Appearing

To fix Ultra Beast Protection efforts not showing up in Pokemon GO, you need to complete all the other Team Rocket quests you don’t already have. The most recent of these was “Field Notes: Team Go Rocket” back in July 2022. However, if you have any bad boy-related tasks before then, you’ll still need to sand them down first. I don’t envy you if this is the cause of your problem. Some of these missions may be completely impossible at the moment. So, I wish you good luck. However, there is also a bug that causes the Ultra Beast Protection Efforts quest to appear as July Field Notes. To fix this error, simply complete the first step of the quest chain and the title should be back to normal. Here is a list of Ultra Beast Protection Efforts tasks.

  • Step 1
    • Defeat 6 Team GO Rocket Grunts – Hyper Potion x10
    • Catch 4 Shadow Pok√©mon – Poke Ball x10
    • Purify 2 Shadow Pokemon – Pinup Berry x10
  • Step 2
    • Defeat Team GO Rocket leader Arlo – 1500 XP.
    • Defeat Team GO Rocket leader Cliff – 1500 XP.
    • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra – 1500 XP
  • Step 3
    • Find the Team GO Rocket boss (meaning Giovanni) – max potion x5
    • Take on Team GO Rocket Boss – Ultra Balls x5
    • Defeat Team GO Rocket Boss – Max Respawn x5
  • Step 4
    • Reward for obtaining – 1500 XP.
    • Reward for obtaining – 1500 XP.
    • Reward for obtaining – 1500 XP.