Classic cartoons of the 1990s Biker mice from Mars is due to make a big comeback Nacelle CompanyNetflix seems to be the studio behind the hit shows The toys that made us and The movies that made us. They have acquired the rights to the property and are developing new action figures and an animated series!

A new toy line is thought to be coming first, and today we have our first look at those action figures! CEO of Nacelle Brian Wolk-Weiss previously shared in a statement: “Biker mice The perfect way to start 2023 with a Mars-based bang! And their unique, creative brilliance blends well with other brands we’ve recently purchased.

I remember it being a very crazy and fun series and fans seem to be very excited about it being revived after 30 years! Judging by the response to the first announcement, it looks like there’s a decent-sized group of fans out there looking to jump on board. The creators of the series could definitely have a lot of fun with this!

In the series: “On the planet Mars, there was a race of anthropomorphic mice who loved motor sports and had a culture and society very similar to that of humans. In the end, they were all destroyed by the Plutarchs, an alien race. fat, bad smelly, worm-eating, fish-like humanoids plunder other planets for their natural wealth.Three survivors: Throttle, Modo, and Winnie, manage to escape capture by Plutarch by finding a spaceship , but they soon find themselves. Crash Landing on Earth in Chicago. Along with a charming female mechanic named Charlene “Charlie” Davidson, the Biker Mice defeat the evil Plutarchs to protect Earth and finally return to their homeland of Mars. should do”.

Look at the picture below from the cover of Toy Collector magazine. Do you collect these?