It’s easy to recommend action games, first-person shooters, or open-world games; but we wanted to take a deeper look at our latest Game Pass collections. What about making flavor based lists je ne sais quoi that some games share across genre boundaries? Today, we’ve added three new collections built around silly, heartfelt, and specialized criteria, all with the intention of giving you a unique gaming experience with Game Pass.

Whether you’re an avid gamer looking to expand your horizons, someone looking for a new gaming experience, or just looking for a laugh, these collections are sure to have something for everyone. With a diverse selection of games and a focus on personalized gaming experiences, these new collections are worth checking out to expand your gaming library.

Starting today, new collections will appear on your console:

Game Collection #1: We demand that you see our feet


We’ve all played that first-person game where you go about your business, running around collecting loot or sightseeing. Suddenly you look down to realize the terrible truth: there is nothing there. Instead of seeing your character’s feet in the game, you’re looking at an old plain of land. Why do so many games pretend you have no legs? While we don’t know the full answer to this age-old question, we’ve put together a collection of games that believe in the legs Go ahead and win with this collection of games that let you see your character’s legs.

Lift your leg with a small sample of the We Demand You See Our Legs collection:

Game Collection #2: Wild Weapons


Have you ever wanted to save the world while holding a fish or a holiday cake? One of the games in this next collection might scratch that itch. Wild Weapons features games with unconventional ways to deal damage, so jump, explore, and have some wacky fun.

Grab everything and start fighting! Check out just a few of the games in the Wild Weapons collection:

Game Collection #3: Cute x Chaotic


From singing karaoke to fighting in the street, this latest collection of games features a selection of games that showcase the duality of humanity. Join to experience a unique mix of characters who can go from charming, poised and calm in one moment to bold and edgy rock stars the next.

These characters are like onions. They can make you cry…oh and layers, they have layers. Check out just a few inside out looks from the Cute x Chaotic collection:

We hope you enjoy these unusual collections because we have even more in store for you in the near future.