Today, Square Enix is ​​releasing the latest major update for its popular MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, numbered 6.4 and titled “The dark throne.

To bring everyone up to speed on the upcoming update, Square Enix has published the full patch update notes, which you can read at the official Lodestone website.

The update includes a new trial version “The Voidcast Dais” with the participation of the classics Final Fantasy the villain Golbez, a new raid, Pandemonium: Anabaseioswhich will complete Pandemonium story and lots of new content for Island Sanctuary, including the ability to freely decorate with outdoor furniture.

We also get a new Variant and Criterion dungeon, Rockcon Mountain, changes in various works and, of course, a new content of the story.

If you want to learn more, you can watch the official traileran detailed explanation of the contentand a first look at the gameplay of various features.

The servers are scheduled to resume with the new update at 3:00 AM PDT, 6:00 AM ET, noon CET, or 11:00 AM UK Standard Time depending on where you live.

Final Fantasy XIV currently available for PC, PS5 and PS4. After its fourth expansion “Endwalker,” the game currently has 27 million registered accounts worldwide

Recently, producer and director Naoki Yoshida shared his ambitions for the future of the game during a recent event at PAX East.