Final Fantasy fans can send their burning questions to producer Yoshi-P about Final Fantasy 14 and the upcoming Final Fantasy 16.

Next month, Final Fantasy fans attending PAX East will have the opportunity to hear some questions answered by Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, as he will be in Boston for the event. As a producer of both Final fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 16Yoshi-P will answer questions sent to him Final Fantasy players during two panels at the annual show.

Although Final fantasy 14 will not release its next expansion in 2023Square Enix’s critically acclaimed MMORPG is celebrating its 10th anniversary Reborn kingdom during the year. The event marks a decade since the game was relaunched after the disastrous 1.0 release that nearly brought Square Enix and Final Fantasy brand on its knees. With Yoshi-P involved as producer and director Final Fantasy 14 In order to save the project, he and Creative Business Unit 3 gained a reputation as the most transparent and forward-thinking people responsible for the state of the game. This led to his position as a producer of the future Final Fantasy 16.


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At PAX East, Yoshi-P will host a Final Fantasy 14 The panel is on Friday, March 24 at 1:00 PM ET at the Albatross Theater. Players can use the designated stream on Final Fantasy 14 on the official forums until March 6th to submit Yoshi-P questions, although Square Enix will only accept one question per player. The panel will focus on the game’s 10th anniversary and offer a look back at how far it has come since then. The anniversary will last throughout the year, including in in Final fantasy 14 Fan Festival in Las Vegas.

Final Fantasy 16

Until he most likely will not be able to give any information about a Final Fantasy 16 PC portYoshi-P will be joined by localization head Michael-Christopher Koji Fox for a Final Fantasy 16 Panel on Saturday 25th March at 2pm in the Main Theatre. Yoshi-P and Koji Fox will be available for autograph sessions after each panel, and both panels will be broadcast at PAX East. final fantasy 14, and Square Enix on their respective Twitch and YouTube channels.

Until Final Fantasy 16 With less than four months to go until release at the time of writing, fans may not have to wait long for more information as the game nears launch. Concerning Final Fantasy 14Starting this Wednesday, March 1st, players can take part in the annual Little Lady Day event and get cosmetic rewards. Between the two games, it’s sure to be a busy and exciting time for Yoshi-P, his team at Creative Business Unit 3 and Final Fantasy fans alike.

Final Fantasy 16 out June 22nd for PS5.

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Source: Square Enix