Fans will be able to create their own special Final Fantasy drinks as Square Enix is ​​selling a cocktail shaker themed around Tifa’s bar, Seventh Heaven.

shortly Final Fantasy fans will be able to create their own Cosmo Canyons as Final Fantasy 7 Remake releases a copy of the Tifa Seventh Heaven Cocktail Shaker. Square Enix likes to collaborate with other companies to create products related to its games, especially popular ones Final Fantasy franchise From clothing to accessories and even full cars, as long as there are people who will shell out big bucks for merchandise, Square Enix is ​​going to keep doing it, as it did with this cocktail shaker based on the famous bar with Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Seventh Heaven is a bar owned and operated by Tifa, making drinks for the residents of Sector 7. The Slum. Additionally, it is also the headquarters of Barret’s Avalanche team, where they have a secret base under the bar, although Cloud never sees it in the remake. Instead, he can talk to his own Tifa’s childhood friend while she makes him several of her drinks, including a special Cosmo Canyon drink, using her cocktail shaker.

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Thanks to a partnership between Square Enix and Japanese department store chain Parco, a cocktail shaker themed around Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar is coming. On March 1 this year after Parco partnered with Square Enix to celebrate Final Fantasy35th anniversary. The shaker is currently available for pre-order at a price of JPY 19,800, which is roughly $144 USD. The pre-order period ends on March 31, and the product is expected to ship sometime in April.

final fantasy 7 remake parco square enix anniversary cocktail shaker

Featured in the gallery on Parco’s store page, the stainless steel cocktail shaker comes in a unique paulownia wood box engraved with Tifa’s Seventh Heaven logo, a logo that also appears on the shaker lid. Any fan of Square Enix’s long-running franchise who wants to make something out of their own celebrities Last fantasy 7 mysterious drinks now you can do it in style.

Square Enix is ​​no stranger to selling expensive merchandise as long as it’s associated with its most famous franchises, as it even had a unique Audi car built on the basis Last Fantasy 15′s Regalia. The company knows how to celebrate the anniversaries of its games, and it’s likely to expand even further Final Fantasy the series continues to grow.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Sources: Parco, Siliconer

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