A stunning combination of high-quality interactive cinematography and exciting combat gameplay

For Final Fantasy 16during the world media tour, various media were able to experience hands-on gameplay with the game and courtesy of Gematsulengthy gameplay footage was provided, showing protagonist Clive battling the wind-dominant Benedicta, as well as an Aikon vs. Aikon battle involving the fire Aikon Ifrit and the wind Aikon Garuda.

IN the first shots of the gameplay, we witness Clive Rosfield, his trusty dog ‚Äč‚ÄčThorgal, and his companion Sydolphus Telamon, the Dominant of Ramu, infiltrate a fortress now under the control of the Royal Valoder Army. Their goal is to rescue Dominant Fire, who is being held captive in a castle. The video shows how to use it PlayStation 5tactile triggers that add a sense of weight to interactive elements such as gates, and how Thorgal helps Clive navigate his surroundings.

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The second gameplay video features a long cutscene depicting a conversation between Cydolphus and Benedicta and how it turns into a cinematic battle between them as they unleash the power of their respective Aicons, ultimately resulting in Cydolphus’ defeat. The demo shown is confirmed to cover five hours of gameplay, with a total of 11 hours of real-time cinematics woven into the gameplay and many similar experiences god of waras the director himself told Gamespot in a recent interview.

Before facing Clive, Benedicta will summon her harpies, Suparna and Chirada, to attack him, and fighting them will require the player to use Ifrit’s Phoenix Shift ability to bridge the gap between Clive and the flying harpies, as well as getting used to colored QTEs (red for dodge and blue for attack). Additionally, the devastating power of Clive’s other dominant, the Titan, was shown to deal significant damage to the Harpies and help block their attacks.

The third gameplay video features a two-stage battle between Clive and Benedicta herself. The first phase is a typical gameplay sequence between the two, while the second phase pits Clive against a transformed Benedicta, who has fully recovered her health. In this phase, Benedict’s attacks become full and her swing becomes crucial to victory. The battle ends with Benedicta defeated and Clive absorbing her Garuda powers.

In the latest clip, we see Clive face off with the mysterious man responsible for his brother’s death, which sets off the ultimate revenge story. Clive then encounters Aikon Garuda. The battle has two phases, p Clive first fought the colossal Garuda alone using Eikon’s various abilities. In the second phase, Clive transforms into a fiery Aicon Ifrit, which controls similarly to Clive in standard moves, but seems slightly heavier.

According to the commentary, each Eikon vs. Eikon battle will be unique, and no cinematic battle scenes will be used twice in the same story. The battle between Ifrit and Garuda is said to be designed by the developers to mimic the feel of a professional wrestling match, but other battles may be drastically different and use different mechanics, such as shootouts.

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