Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022
EL-BAYT STADIUM (Al Khor): Sometimes you blow steam to exhale. Qatar was raging. He was throwing happy, friendly flames as he was finally able to show the world everything he had dreamed of, conceived, and worked silently from the western world all these years without a doubt. It was as if they were shaking off all their ridicule, as if you were going to shake off the desert sand that was blowing in these parts and settled into your being, and then keep moving forward. It was such a feeling. You couldn’t escape it.
Qatar had to finally breathe. He was silent for too long. Paradoxically, it was evident from their enthusiastic singing of their national anthems, compared to the nearly 80% of the foreign workforce that sustains their country, which was once a backward pearl center. they discovered natural gas and everything it can do. On Sunday evening, in the desert cold, in the sparkling, overcrowded Al-Bayt stadium in the town of Al Khor, which literally means brook, they were singing louder than any other, reaffirming to the world that this was theirs alone. had created. And this, welcome to the world.
Outside, the systems were in place, the shuttles and scans were well-oiled and running smoothly, the glare of the VIP guest and regular ticket-buyer, in short, the sweat-proof mix initiated by the predominantly Indian and African volunteer army was a magnificent spectacle of sound, light, and color inside. And Morgan Freeman’s rich, reassuring baritone tells us what we already know about the unifying power of football, but we sigh like it’s the first time we’re hearing it dizzyingly. But that’s what Freeman and his voice can do.


FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony

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It was sweet irony. His words echoed back to the scene two days ago at the media kiosk, when rows of cheerful African staff were serving predominantly white media, waiting with plates in their hands for the day’s meal. The reverse symbolism was as powerful as it was fun.
To think of Freeman as black and very easily ashore, while the European media continue to point out all the evils and deeds of a discriminatory state, but he himself crosses the line of everyday racism like them. Nelson Mandela’s role on the screen is that they look up from their laptops to stop and listen. But then, that’s what Morgan Freeman and his voice can do.
At the Al-Bayt ground, Qatar was so eager to start something that the real thing was, as if something else had been ‘revealed’ before, or another observing world was waiting to see it fail or reveling in being taken away from focus. Before the stadium could complete its countdown, the World Cup had begun. It was such a relief. He showed enthusiasm when his national teams and shape collided almost instantly and scattered all over the place, allowing a good Ecuadorian side to settle in and make good use of the width of the field. First time, big stage tension? Maybe football took over and played the balancing power.


enner valencia Ecuador’s (left) rejoices after scoring his team’s second goal. (Getty Images)
No player in history has scored twice in the first game of the World Cup, Enner Valencia An Ecuadorian player could have scored a hat trick in the first half had the VAR discovered that there was less than half a foot between Michael Estrada and his marker. For a while, everyone was confused as to why the game wouldn’t continue after Valencia jumped over the man and headed for a nice goal. Saad AlsheebQatar’s goalkeeper, probably caught up in the enormity of the situation, rushed into frantically close combat, leaving his goal open and forgetting to pick up the ball in the process. Then you realize that the VAR tribunal is in session – yes, now that the match is here, other issues are guaranteed to stir things up.
The Ecuadorians would not be discouraged for long. In the 13th minute, Valencia found Al Sheeb weighing again with a deep ball. The home keeper knocked him down, Valencia almost reluctantly leaving the spot, but in reality, it was a wisely taken penalty to go one-on-one.
Then an hour later our man got up again and went home to sort out the problem more or less. They did so when the match ended 2-0, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm felt by the locals in the stadium. The courage and effort of the home team to come up with something and not disappoint their support at home showed that. Something tells us that even if football dominates the desert this winter month and the big guys take the stage, it won’t go away.