Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Argentina suffered a major setback at the outset. FIFA World Cup 2022 Two second half goals from Saudi Arabia saw Lionel Messi exceed his goal to record a famous 2-1 win in a Group C match.
The day started like a dream for Argentina with a video lead by the referee in the 10th minute giving a penalty to Messi & Co and Messi giving his team a 1-0 lead.
With this penalty kick, Messi also became the first Argentine to score in four different World Cups.

But Saudi Arabia spun at halftime and shocked the South Americans to take a 2-1 lead with spectacular individual goals. Saleh Al-Shehri and Salem Al-Dawsari.
Prior to that, in the opening exchanges, the referee saw a foul in the video and signaled towards the area as the South Americans had won but three goals were not allowed.
In his fifth World Cup final at age 35, Messi defeated Saudi goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais in a split, but that goal and two other goals from teammate Lautaro Martinez were considered offside.
Following 0-1 in the first half, Saudi Arabia came back with Al-Shehri’s low shot in the 48th minute, and Al-Dawsari curled up from the edge of the penalty area in the 53rd minute, leaving the favorites of the tournament. Argentina looks shocked.
(with input from Reuters)