Quick X It debuted as the highest-grossing film at the box office in its opening weekend, but its performance reveals some trends for the film. Fast and furious franchise. As the first part of the Fast Saga film trilogy, Quick X raises the stakes, adds more characters and brings back a few fan favorites, but what does that mean for the box office of the 11th and 12th films Fast and furious franchise?


The Fast and furious started the franchise small and brought in $207.5 million on a budget of $38 million. Initially the series focused on smaller street racing heists, but over the years the budget grew into the hundreds of millions and two films per film. Angry 7 and The fate of the angry, Crossed the $1 billion mark. While movies are still making big money, they’re not making as much money as they used to. Does it cause problems for the spell? The future of Tez Saga?

Fast X’s domestic box office opening is the worst saga since Tokyo Drift.

Quick X‘s opening weekend is estimated at $67.5 million, the lowest domestic opening weekend for The Fast Saga. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo DriftOpening in 2006 cost $24 million. Fast and Furious Giveaways: Hobbs and Shaw spin-off, but when it comes to the main line Fast and furious series, which is lower after each domestic opening weekend.Tokyo Drift.

Quick X is the third Fast and furious The sequel will open $2.5 million cheaper than its predecessor F9’s opening was $70 million, down $18.8 million The fate of the angryIt was $98.8 million, down $48.4 million Angry 7 $147.2 million opening weekend. Gacha; before … Angry 7The behavior of the box office was then opposite The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Driftwith Fast and furious unlocking $70 million, Fast five Opening up to $86.2 million and Fast and Furious 6 Opening to $97.3 million, that is Quick X opening lower than the franchise before its rapid box office growth.

Fast X debuts at the worldwide box office worse than previous installments (F9 complicated)

Quick x Returned characters

Despite the dwindling weekend box office of The Fast Saga Quick X earned more globally than F9 The opening weekend was buoyed by massive transfers at the international box office. That’s right, because of pandemic shutdowns and abnormal global distribution F9 It’s hard to compare apples to apples in 2021 Quick X. F9 opened to $163 million in just eight global markets compared to Quick Xof $251.5 million from several dozen markets. While it looks like a great opening weekend around the world, the full global box office picture isn’t quite clear yet.

since Quick X and F9 has a completely different cash register It’s not entirely fair to compare the non-domestic box office totals much later, depending on the release strategy Quick X’s box office works because it almost guarantees massive shipping on a wider opening weekend. However, one specific point is 79 percent Quick Xwhile 21% of the current box office total comes from international markets and domestic markets F9 It ended its operations with 76% of its total box office coming from international markets and 24% from domestic markets. This ratio may change slightly, but the transition to international box office is clear.

Fast X’s opening weekend box office confirms that the franchise has a huge international following

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The Fast and furious the franchise has been seeing a shift towards the international box office since its inception. Although Fast and Furious earned only 30% of its international box office total, a percentage that increased with almost every release. 2 Fast 2 Angry earned 46 percent of its international box office, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 61 percent was Fast and furious 57 percent were Fast five 66 percent was Fast and Furious 6 was almost 70 percent Angry 7 It was 77 percent Speed ​​of the Furious It was 82 percent It was F9 76 percent and now Quick X is 79 percent.

Big blockbuster movies have seen a general shift towards international release over the past few decades for a variety of reasons, so it makes sense for The Fast Saga. to see the same general checkout behavior. It’s also worth noting that the growth of the franchise has been accompanied by more international actors, travel to other countries and global stakes. Audiences outside the United States may not be as invested in a low-budget film The undercover police infiltrate the Los Angeles Street Racing ganga virtual superhero team of action stars saving the world with the ultimate car stunts could have more universal appeal.

Why the Fast and Furious Franchise’s Domestic Box Office Is Falling More Than Internationally

Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto

The peak of the franchise’s box office growth was reached in 2015 Angry 7’s global haul was $1.5 billion, but the box office has been on a downward trend ever since. While both domestic and international box office declined, domestic box office declined much more sharply, so the share of international box office was so high. One of the main reasons can be reviews. While critical consensus doesn’t always follow box office performance, Fast and furious movies have a low Rotten Tomatoes rating It coincided with a similar decline at the domestic box office for the last few films in the Fast-paced saga.

The franchise reached its Rotten Tomatoes peak Angry 7income 81 percent, but The fate of the angry decreased to 67 percent, F9 59 percent down and now Quick X It has a score of 54 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The same trend can be seen in Rotten Tomatoes audience ratings, except Quick X 78 percent hit F970 percent of every movie since Angry 782 percent viewership score slightly decreased. Reviews are always subjective, but Rotten Tomatoes audience scores are generally related to a film’s performanceso it should come as no surprise that it lines up here as well.

despite Quick X the downward trend continues Fast and furious the franchise’s box office, its strong Rotten Tomatoes viewership rating and the return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for the final two installments could restore the franchise’s box office potential to its former glory. Fast fivealthough after a strong The Rock missed the box officeThe box office future of The Fast Saga may not yet be set in stone.