Warning: This post contains MAJOR spoilers for Fast X

Quick X ends with a big cliffhanger and the final moments mark what’s yet to come Fast and Furious 11. The band is back together Quick X, even though they spend most of the film apart. the tenth part of Fast and Furious franchise introduces a new villain who returns to the past Fast five and brought Dante, the son of HernĂ¡n Reyes, to the front row of the show.


the end of Quick X Brings betrayal, death and dangerous situations to Dom and his family. Letty and Cipher escape from a black prison in Antarctica, only to be picked up by Giselle. returns to Quick franchise after being presumed dead; Roman, Tej, Han, and Ramsey’s plane is shot down, Dom and Little Brian stand on a dam about to explode in Portugal, Aimes is revealed to be working with Dante, and Jacob sacrifices his life for Dom. can save his son. Looks like Dante has defeated Dom – for now.

What was Dante Reyes’ plan in Fast X?

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Dante certainly wanted revenge on Dom Toretto for being part of the heist that killed his father. Fast five, but he wanted to make sure that Dom was left without money, freedom, and family. It wasn’t just about threatening him or his family, he wanted to see Dom really suffer. Dante separated Dom’s family, weakened them, drained their bank accounts, and paid mercenaries to go after the family and everyone they worked with, putting them all on his most wanted list. In short, Dante wanted to have the joy of winning and being many steps ahead of Dom before ending his life.

Jakob’s death in Fast X explained

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Jacob sacrifices his life at the end Quick X To make sure Dom saves Little Brian from Dante. Using a severed fuel line from his car, Jakob sets his car on fire, goes over the tracks and crashes into a group of Dante’s men’s cars, all exploding in the crash. Jacob feels it’s time to step out of Dom’s shadow, and his decision is a selfless one that allows Dom to continue protecting his son. Of course, Jakob is holding Dom’s cross necklace before driving his car into the others, so it’s possible. Fast and Furious 11 he reveals that he somehow survived the explosion.

Where is Mr. Nobody and why is he missing?

Mr. Nobody’s daughter, Tess, says her father is missing. Quick X his whereabouts are a mystery and there is no explanation as to why he disappeared or how it happened. Maybe Dante planned Mr. Nobody’s disappearance in advance. After all, it was revealed that Aimes was working with Dante, so they planned to take out Mr. Nobody so that Aimes could be the leader and call the shots. If Mr. Nobody was in charge, he would have supported Dom and his crew. Mr. No one is missing Quick X Kurt explains Russell’s absence, and given the cliffhanger ending, he may return in the sequel.

Why Aimes and the agency betrayed Dom in Fast X

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Aimes’ betrayal is layered. After Dante attempts to bomb Rome, Aimes abandons Dom and his family after calling them terrorists. Aimes believes the agency’s involvement with Dom will put a target on their backs, and he can’t risk leaving the agency. Aimes later appears to be cooperating with Dom, realizing they were set up by Dante and betraying him again, showing that not everyone can be family. Aimes also turned his back on the agency due to the fact that his partnership with Dante began a decade before. Quick X. Although it is unclear what his motive was, he probably wanted money and power.

How is Giselle alive and why is she working with Cipher?

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At the end of Quick X, Giselle appears on top of a submarine coming to rescue Cipher and Lety from an Antarctic prison. Considering he died in late 2009, this was a huge blow Fast and furious, collapsed to his death after rescuing Han. Gisele’s return should come as no surprise, given Han, who resurrected the franchise. And time Quick X doesn’t give any immediate answers regarding his survival, except that he was somehow saved by Cipher in exchange for his loyalty. This explains why Giselle cooperated with the villain and why he came back to help. Either way, it’s something Fast and Furious 11 gives more light.

Why didn’t Shaw help Dom go after Dante

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As noted Quick 9 post credit scene, Han, despite what Shaw has done to him, decides to go to Deckard Shaw in London for help. But their meeting does not last long, as they are attacked by mercenaries. Shaw eventually gave up on helping Dom’s family go after Dante because he wanted to make sure his mother, Queenie, was safe after being targeted by Shaw and everyone Dom worked with. Although the show didn’t help Dom and his team this time around, he and his mom might be back next year. Fast and Furious The continuation of his offer of help, especially Dante’s attack, was personal to Shaw. He wants revenge.

The return of The Rock’s Luke Hobbs explained

    Luke Hobbs follows Dom and his crew in Rio in Fast Five

Dwayne Johnson last appeared as Luke Hobbs The fate of the angryand in the spinoff Hobbs and Shaw. Quick X mid credits scene Marks the Rock’s first return to the main franchise in a while, and sees Hobbs on a mission set up by Dante, who also wants revenge on Hobbs for pulling the trigger on his father and killing him on the bridge. Rio ten years ago. Hobbes’ response to Dante is not fear; on the contrary, he is ready for battle. A mid-credits scene establishes Hobbs’ role Fast and Furious 11and his return, of course, is to meet Dom again after several years.

How Fast X Installs Fast & Furious 11

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Quick X ends on a cliffhanger and has a lot in store for Dom and his family. The end of the film sees each family member in a precarious situation and Fast and Furious 11 Dante must answer questions about how to escape his clutches when he is ten steps ahead of them at every turn. Quick X The ending leaves Dom’s family unprepared and dealing with the consequences of Dante’s attacks, but it also provides clues and twists that help them rally to defeat Dante. Fast and Furious 11. Now that Cipher and Letty have escaped from prison, they can go to Dom’s location and regroup before going after Dante.

The film’s ending also teases a team-up between Hobbs and Dom, who pool their resources to fight Dante. Now Aimes has revealed himself as a traitor, Quick X also opens it for the return of Mr. Nobody Fast and Furious 11. Dante left the team captured, dead, in danger, and with a target on their backs in the final moments of the film, and the next chapter will pay off all the stories that have been left hanging, including the fate of some of the characters. Quick X perhaps setting the stage for an even more epic sequel that will reunite the team and leave them stronger than ever.

Why Fast X Ends in a Cliffhanger (and What It Means)

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Quick X only part of the full story, not yet fully told. follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and several other franchises that ended with a two-part send-off (although Vin Diesel suggested the third Quick X the film may be in the works), the most recent Fast and furious The film hopes that viewers will come back to see how it all ends.

Quick X the cliffhanger ending builds anticipation and tension, suggesting that Dante has won the first round, but there is more to come. The movie is like that Avengers: Infinity Warprimarily focused on the villain of the story as he ruins the lives of the heroes before they can stand up stronger to defeat him. Fast and Furious 11. The film’s cliffhangers allow the main characters to be at their lowest in the face of uncertainty and death, which is rarely such a major defeat. Quick X The cliffhanger also marks the beginning of the end of a franchise that has been running for over 20 years.