Less than a week ago, the creators of fan-made made Call of Duty sm2 platforms said they were sent a cease and desist letter from the publisher Activisionand will be forced to shut down the sm2 servers, and recently another Call of Duty fan project, X Labs, revealed that they will also have to shut down all of their operations for the same reason.

The reaction of the fans was clearly one-sided. People are outraged by Activision’s actions because these selected platforms (X Labs, sm2) have become, according to many, the only way to play multiplayer modes of older Call of Duty games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2009), Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Ghosts, Black Ops 3, etc.

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While many of these games are still playable through Activision’s official PC releases, the consensus seems to be that these versions are essentially unplayable, as the lack of perceived security makes them a hotbed for bad actors, meaning playing them can put you or your PC at risk.

This is what fuels the anger against Activision the most right now, as these fan-made projects were one-of-a-kind safe the way these old Call of Duty games played online, and that Activision shut them down without providing a reasonable alternative.

Activision, of course, has every legal right to protect its intellectual property and pursue these non-commercial projects. Fan-made platforms are certainly a distraction from the official COD offerings, but fans who just enjoyed playing these old games and now have no safe way to do so understandably feel that Activision isn’t taking them into account. .

There is also the Plutonium Project, which allows players to play World at War, some Black Ops games, etc., but players are confident that this will be the next project that Activision will work on, given recent developments. After all, Plutonium does the same thing that sm2 and X Labs did, so there’s no apparent reason why Activision would spare it.

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