Football Federation asked UEFA to review the treatment England Fans in the European qualifiers played in Italy last week.

Harry Kane He broke the national team record with a penalty at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona, where Gareth Southgate’s men won 2-1 in the Euro 2024 preliminaries.

But England’s first win in Italy since 1961 did not go smoothly for the 2,500 traveling fans in Italy. NaplesHe leads the FA-run England Fans Travel Club (ESTC) to contact the governing body of European football.

Buses had problems landing on the ground. Italian The police asked and strongly recommended that the fans take it, with four ticket controls waiting at the stadium entrance, which was heavily guarded by the police.

England’s away support was grounded for nearly an hour full-time before being taken, under police escort, on an extended, curving bus route to the drop-off point in the city.

“We know many of you were unhappy with what happened both before and after the game against Italy,” ESTC said in an email to fans seen by the PA news agency.

“We have received some very detailed clarifications since the match and shared many of the concerns and frustrations.

“On Monday we spoke with a representative from UK Police, who was traveling to hear their views and discuss the circumstances. Like our field personnel, they faced a very challenging situation.

“The Football Fans Association also expressed significant concerns.

“With all this in mind, we’re asking UEFA to review what happened on Thursday night. We’ll keep you updated on how this unfolds.

We know that many of you are unhappy with what happened both before and after the match against Italy.

England Fans Travel Club

“We appreciate the time and expenditure you have made to follow the UK.

“Our biggest concern is your safety and well-being. We work hard to make sure traveling to watch the team is as fun as possible.

“Despite months of planning, working in good faith with the authorities in Naples, that did not happen this time.

“We regret that this is not what should have been a great opportunity for many of you watching our first win in Italy since 1961.”