April brings a new batch of horror movies to movie lovers. However, the most exciting of them all is the long-awaited return Evil Dead franchise Rise of the Evil Dead. The marketing for this grisly resurrection has slowly taken over the airwaves, and since it’s April Fools’ Day, the dead should play fun with us horror fans. In the latest teaser of the film, The climb using a humor-filled celebration to comically underline the heart of this undead horror “love story.”

The 30-second trailer cuts like your parents’ next favorite movie Nicholas Sparks romantic drama. It’s just two unknown young adults living their best lives romantic life music ripples across this dreamlike lake. We’re promised a “love story for the ages” as the pair lock eyes and the caption under the new footage reads, “This April, rediscover what it means to own someone – in body, soul and spirit” prompting a hilarious parody. home While April Fools’ Day is usually filled with outrageous fake movie news, Evil Dead always knows how to warm the cold dark heart of a horror fan.

Evil Dead A return to his horror roots

However, usually Evil Dead fashion, you won’t believe anything you see, as this love story unfolds quickly, as soon as an ominous watch, a strange-looking spiked cabin in the woods, and some very strange Deadite images appear. This unhappy couple is not long for this world as the last shot of the teasers shows a dismembered head scattered on the dock. While this is a short teaser, it does provide a lot of new information Evil Dead fans to sink their teeth into. For one, The climb does not forget its terrible roots. Three of the four films in the franchise took place in a cabin in the woods far from known civilization. At least part of it The climb The haunting seen in this trailer takes place in a haunted cabin and is probably the cold opening before the film moves to a new urban setting. This killer trailer also hints at the last film retaining its sick sense of humor. The franchise has swung a pendulum from pure to terrifying fun horror movie for traumatizing blood-soaked fears. It seems The climb falls somewhere in the middle to give Evil Dead feels fresher compared to the average genre sequel for fans.

Rise of the Evil Dead

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What Rise of the Evil Dead About?

Rise of the Evil Dead a a new entry into the franchise These two estranged sisters follow Beth (Lily Sullivan) and Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) reconnecting after years of separation. However, their awkward family reunion doesn’t last long as the Necronomicon somehow intervenes and takes over Ellie. Staple from there Evil Dead madness ensues, but what sets this story apart from others in the long-running franchise is that Ellie has children. This makes the horror even more intense. Although Evil Dead was having a little fun with this april fools teaser, which is actually going to be some kind of love story. The only difference is that it takes place between a family desperately trying to survive the reign of terror of the dead in an apartment building in Los Angeles. Will love save this family or will the lack of it be their tragic downfall? Horror fans won’t have to wait long to find out the thrilling answer.

When Rise of the Evil Dead Will you go out?

Rise of the Evil Dead is issuing only in theaters On April 21, 2023. It premiered at the South and Southwest Film Festival in March. The climb appears to be another scary good entry in the franchise. Marketing has done a great job of showing this. As horror fans eagerly await the return of the dead, you can watch The climb‘s new April Fools teaser is full of possessive love below.