Even with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania recently released, fans are still wondering what could have happened to Edgar Wright Ant man movie. In Ant man, MCU fans were introduced to Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a good-hearted thief chosen by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) to become the new Ant-Man. From there, the character appeared in several more MCU projects, including two sequels opposite fellow hero Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) aka The Wasp. However, before Peyton Reed took over as director Ant man trilogy, almost had Edgar Wright Ant man movie.


After meeting Marvel’s Kevin Feige, Wright joined the MCU film version in 2006, working alongside Joe Cornish and aiming to join Jon Favreau. Iron man as the first Marvel Studios films. The director even shot test footage and showed it at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Unfortunately, Marvel wasn’t sold on Wright’s idea, and other writers worked on the script. Due to creative differences, Wright and Marvel parted ways shortly before filming began, much to the surprise of the producer. Rudd almost quit Ant man, like Evangeline Lilly. Eventually, Rudd and Adam McKay worked on the scripts, Reed came on board to direct, and the film shifted more towards Marvel. Over the years, details of Wright’s script have become more widely known, hinting at what Edgar Wright could have done and what went wrong. Ant man.

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Wright’s script is still the backbone of Ant-Man

Edgar Wright worked Ant man For nearly eight years, and even after his departure, the original script informed the film. In an interview during the scheduled visit (via io9), screenplay by Reed Wright and Cornish “spineThe director explained that, like the last film, Wright’s version was a heist film with Hank Pym passing his Ant-Man role to Scott Lang.

According to Reed, it’s always “a mentor/learner story.” empire’The July 2015 issue confirms this assessment, noting that Wright and Cornish’s screenplay is a reference to the 1979 Ant-Man film. The script features Lang and Pym battling the evil Nano Warrior, a character who eventually transforms into Yellowjacket. At Comic-Con in 2012 (via YouTube), Wright also mentioned how it is Ant man He would confuse the Silver Age hero with the modern one. In many ways, Ant man rewrites left out the main story.

Wright’s script took itself less seriously

Hope Hank and Scott in the van

In Empire2015 year Ant man In the cover story, Lilly reflected on how the film changed from Edgar Wright Ant manthat “I think the most obvious difference between the two scripts was that Edgar doesn’t take himself so seriously..” The actor told the script “interesting“and”disrespectful.” He described it as “.from start to finish, in classic English fashion.” For Lilly, the new film was more American and was as fun as it was emotional. EmpireReed talked about Marvel letting him “Explore the dark side of Hank Pym, a tortured, guilty young man.” Although Ant man There’s more comedy than a typical MCU film, the film also explores heavier themes, with Pym dealing with the constant pain of losing his wife, Janet van Dynethanks to its shrinking technology.

Wright’s version though Ant man Perhaps more absurd than the MCU movie, the movie will not be a farce. At Comic-Con in 2006 (via YouTube), Wright spoke of his version Ant man which contained comedy, but the director made it clear that the idea was not to make a curtain. “I wish it was more of an action-adventure, of course“said the director.

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There was no quantum universe

Avengers Endgame could have taken place in the quantum universe without Ant-Man Paul Rudd

Edgar Wright Ant man movie wouldn’t have included one of the biggest things these movies brought to the MCU. After input Ant manThe Quantum Realm is used to unlock time travel for the heroes to save the day Avengers: Endgame. Its importance has increased to this extent Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is almost completely installed inside The MCU’s Quantum Realm.

In an interview in 2015 (via Uproxx), Reed explained that he and Adam McKay brought Marvel’s then-renamed Microverse quantum world, to Ant man in an attempt to take the contraction even further in the third movement. “It was something that was never in the drafts that I brought with Adam” said Reed. Marvel’s new history book, The Marvel Studios Story: Creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe, confirming the story, revealing that the original script did not include the Quantum Realm. Given Marvel’s subsequent reliance on the Quantum Realm, the detail became one of the film’s most important elements. Ant man script.

Several characters acted differently

Hope Van Dyne trains Scott Lang in Ant-Man

Another way is Edgar Wright Ant man The film influenced the casting of the final product, as Wright brought many of the actors on board. However, it seems that he has a special focus on Ant-Man’s story. Several other roles have grown since Rudd and McKay took over Ant man screenwriting tasks. According to Lilly (via io9), the actor approached Rudd and McKay and asked them “beef“his character.

Due to script changes, Hope became a broader character and Lilly could bring more physicality to the role. Stoll also said that his character “deepened.” Among other significant character changes, Reed explained (via Uproxx) he gave Michael Peña’s Luis his own brilliant narrative montages. “This was something that was never present in the original drafts, and I wanted to bring it up“, – said Reed.

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Wright’s Ant-Man was more of a stand-alone film

Director Edgar Wright

During Wright’s years of service Ant man, the MCU has undergone drastic changes, even to the extent of disrupting its own Ant-Man storylines in Marvel’s comics. For example; for example, Hank Pym creates Ultron Not Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as in 2015 in Marvel Comics Avengers: Age of Ultron. According to empire, Wright’s film embodies the characters of the MCU, and he’s drawn to it Avengers 2, but the director also said that his film is more independent. In an interview (via Playlist), Wright said, “It’s very independent when we associate it with others.” According to the director, he wanted to set it more in the real world, which would make it as relatable as the first one. Iron man.

However, Marvel is in the business of making the MCU an immersive, interconnected experience, so Wright’s script didn’t always work. Instead, McKay and Rudd helped bring the film more into the MCU, even adding a crossover fight sequence with Ant-Man in Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. McKay recalled in an interview he and Rudd did Ant manslightly larger“and”a bit more aggressive.” McKay said he and Rudd had just given Ant man write a rewrite, and a lot of Wright’s work is still in it. “I really thought we put some great stuff in there and built on Edgar Wright’s already strong script,” he said.

Wright wasn’t right for the MCU

Ant-Man Trailer 1 Photo - Paul Rudd in the shower

Even with the MCU Ant man Now in the third film of the franchise, more information about Edgar Wright will be revealed Ant man and his eventual separation from Marvel Studios and the project. Wright’s co-writer on the film, Joe Cornish, recently spoke about what went down between the director and the studio. Cornish explained this When Marvel Studios first met for the film, Jon Favreau still had a long way to go before they started working on it. Iron man. However, just as Wright is finally gearing up to make his own Marvel movie.he had a hippopotamus in his hands” and no longer had to think about independent films, but about a larger cinematic universe.

Ultimately, Cornish notes that “Edgar is the author. Edgar Wright makes movies about Edgar Wright.” Cornish’s comments really help to show that a break between Wright and Marvel is inevitable, and that it’s for the best for both parties. Ant man was originally supposed to be one of the first Marvel Studios films, but ended up being part of Phase 3 of the MCU. It was an interconnected universe back then, and they had to fit Ant-Man into the overall storyline.

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By the same token, Wright didn’t sign up to be a part of what has become the MCU. He wanted to make his own Ant man a movie with its own history rather than what already exists in the established universe. As a result, neither the director nor the studio were on the same page with the type of film they wanted to make, and they had to go their separate ways.

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