Everton And Liverpool they had to share the spoils Merseyside derby The conflict ended 1-1.

It was a fun fight in front of 22,161 spectators. Goodison Park It saw Katie Stengel cancel Gabby George’s tie goal, but neither side was allowed to score in the second half.

In the Women’s Super League, Everton is sixth with one point each, while Liverpool is eighth.

The hosts escaped a stalemate after 27 minutes when Gabby George found space on the left flank and the defender threw the ball at goalkeeper Rachael Laws to find the upper corner; They lived almost a second later when Megan Finnigan’s low kick was blocked.

A threat spell from the reds saw Emma Koivisto’s low whistle blow past a post, but Stengel found the equalizer at 40 minutes and made a great finish into the bottom corner to save her seventh. WSL goal this season

Liverpool thought they had taken the lead right after the break, but Leighanne Robe’s goal was not conceded due to a foul and then Toffees had a chance to meet Jess Park on the far post with Nicoline Sorensen throwing a great cross from the right, but the striker’s header went just wide.

Shanice van de Sanden broke right and squared the ball to Stengel, but Everton blocked the shot well, blocking the striker’s second second of the night, and Park’s sweet kick from the far top corner was not allowed for a handball later in the structure. -above.

Goalkeeper Courtney Brosnan blew Stengel’s effort away from close range with two great saves during stoppage and kicked Ceri Holland out to keep her score level.