I always knew I would be tempted to go back one day Fate 2. After three years and several thousand hours of play last February, I reached my limit a trashy MMO inside of which is this phenomenal FPS and deleted. But I still adore parts of it, including its spectacular sci-fi landscapes. So when I heard that the ocean-owned moon of Titan was returning for the final season, one of my favorite places, I was tempted. Oh, I was tempted! But Season Of The Deep started yesterday and Titan is here and no, that’s not enough.

In Season Of The Deep, Saturn’s moon Titan returns after disappearing in November 2020. In the game’s history, Titan was one of the places that disappeared from the solar system when the Darkness arrived there. In fact, it was one of the many parts of the game was removed and locked away in the Destiny Content Vault as Bungie struggled to deal with the challenges of developing a game that had become too big for them.

Now, according to the version, Titan has reappeared. Second-in-command Sloan (last seen donning Golden Age power armor and ready for a long fight after refusing to evacuate the Titan) needs help rescuing machinery from its methane oceans and communicating with a mysterious giant worm to gain information to fight the Witness. This includes a new activity where we dive through alien waters teeming with monstrous life. I should like it.

My views of the sea are well known, and I adored Titan in Destiny 2. It’s a scattering of rigs and gleaming Golden Age arcologies perched above crashing waves, now filled with hive lairs and Elixni scavengers, a testament to how far humanity has fallen in The Collapse. Several missions took place deep within the arcology, through lush parks and stunning living spaces, leading to the sight of something huge floating past. I think we know who it is now: Axa, Sloane’s new friend.

Fishing in the shining waters of Nessus in a screenshot of Destiny 2: Season of the Deep.
Even the fishing minigame can’t sway me

I still miss it. Frankly, I’m thankful that Titan is only coming back as a restricted space for certain actions, rather than the free-to-patrol zone it once was. If Titan was in the middle of a full expansion, rebuilt and expanded into the space I’d always like it to be (big chunks wouldn’t have anything to do in Patrol), ah, that might blow my mind. I want to go back to arcology. I want to dive underwater and admire alien anemones. I want to meet a worm. I want a nice new Taken weapon. But that’s not enough to get you past the endless chatter of the Destiny 2 MMO.

It’s not just that you need to level up to get great weapons or play the best parts of Destiny 2 (like Grandmaster Nightfalls and day one raids), though that’s certainly a big part of my gripe. The fact is that every single system is wrapped up in a mess of live MMO services with rewards, quests, time limits, resources and crafting systems and… even if you refuse to participate in all of that and don’t care about getting “divine rolls”, the chatter is still everywhere and won’t let you forget about it. Even the new fishing minigame, which is supposed to be a great recreation, requires bait that drops as a reward for other actions. Destiny 2 doesn’t pretend that you can do anything just because it’s fun.

None of these MMO systems are ever interesting or useful. They don’t help you, they don’t seriously challenge you, they don’t ask you to make tough decisions, they don’t respect your time. It’s all there just to keep you busy. It’s such a shame to see one of the best first person shooters end up in such a poor free to play MMO, especially one that still charges £80 for annual expansions and season passes.

Ed and Liam felt much the same when they were playing Destiny 2 for Inventory Space, their video series exploring live service games.

Season Of The Deep is live now and runs until August 22nd. See Bungie’s Season Of The Deep subsite for a large review and correction notes over 7000 words with lots of changes.