Victorious Manchester United boss Plum skin Witch He warned his players that they couldn’t afford to be “lazy” if they wanted to build on the club’s first trophy in six years.

Sunday’s 2-0 Carabao Cup final win Newcastle also Wembley It ended United’s shortage of silverware and gave them something to show off their progress under the Dutch.

However, Ten Hag, who brought the trophy to the post-match press conference and then almost forgot to take it with him, said, “This shows something, silverware, it shows that you are on a good track, you are on a good track. good direction.

“It’s a trophy and it’s February, but it shows we’re in the right direction. That should be the inspiration, it should be the motivation to keep going, to continue and improve on this path.

“Okay, be happy 24 hours a day but don’t be satisfied because satisfaction leads to laziness, and when you get lazy, you can’t win games and win trophies anymore.”

Casemiro’s header and Sven Botman’s own goal, triggered by the formless Marcus Rashford, won the day for the Old Trafford men within six minutes of the first half.

This is the first trophy the club has won since 2017. Europa League If it has anything to do with their success and their managers, it won’t be the last.

When asked if it gave them something to build on, Ten Hag replied, “Of course.

“We try not only to hope, but to know that it is worth investing, suffering and sacrificing, and that you must do your best every day to celebrate.

“It’s all about that, it’s about glory, and if you want to prove something, to win something, you have to do it, otherwise you won’t get it because nobody brings anything into top football.”

For Newcastle head coach Eddie HoweIt was a sobering afternoon as his side didn’t try their luck and was punished for their weakness in the back.

However, he insists that the wound will ignite the Magpies’ future quest to end their 54-year expectation of tangible success.

Howe said: “There’s a sense of defeat in the final, it’s never pretty and we’re hopelessly disappointed, but for me you’re already looking to the future and you’re desperate to come back here and win a trophy.

“It’s been absolutely incredible for us this year for the fans, it hurts to see them get disappointed in the end, it hurts so much and the motivation and thoughts are already going out to how we can come back here and win them the trophy they deserve.” ”

Nothing is guaranteed in football. You must earn the right to enter these final stages of competitions. You have to earn your right each week to finish the league where we want to finish, so the job starts all over again.

“But hopefully we’ll be a different Newcastle, I hope we’re constantly improving. I certainly can’t criticize the players for their effort, mindset and what they’ve brought me this season and we will need that and more to continue to be successful.”