Today, Epic Games announced a new initiative to reward players who purchase PC games and services from the Epic Games Store.

According to advertisement, starting today, every purchase of eligible products in the store will give you 5% of their value back as a reward. You can then use your accumulated rewards at checkout to get a discount or save it for a rainy day,

Eligible products include games, applications, add-ons, virtual currency (of course FortniteV-Bucks included) and subscriptions. Your total reward can be combined with other discounts or coupons, but they are valid after 25 months, so you can’t just accumulate them forever.

Everyone is automatically enrolled in the rewards program, so all you have to do is basically buy stuff. The only exception is subscription. In order to receive rewards for subscriptions, you must accept the latest Epic Games Store End User License Agreement, which you can do in the store itself under Account Settings > Subscriptions.

If you’re not familiar with the Epic Games Store, it’s a digital store for PC games launched by Epic Games in 2018. Benefits include free games every month. In 2022 Claimed 700 million free copies of games to the store according to the developer.