<p> England’s Rachel Daly celebrates after she scores the team’s first goal in the Arnold Clark Cup match between England and Italy </p>
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Brit Rachel Daly celebrates after she scores the team’s first goal in the Arnold Clark Cup match between England and Italy.

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Follow live updates as England play against Italy in their second game Arnold Clark Cup.

This lioness He opened the four-team tournament with a 4-0 victory over South Korea on Thursday and Sarina Wiegman He will hope his team can put on another strong performance in front of their home fans at Coventry today.

Goals from Georgia Stanway, Chloe Kelly, Alessia Russo and Lauren James rounded off England’s first win at Milton Keynes, but Wiegman made changes and changed their squad ahead of Wednesday night’s game against Belgium.

Italy qualified for the World Cup this summer, losing to Belgium in the opening game after striker Tessa Wullaert’s late win.

Follow live updates between England and Italy on the Arnold Clark Cup below


England 1-0 Italy

47 minutes: Early chance for Daly! The linking game between Robinson and Le Tissier was a real plus for England as they picked Daly at fullback with a clipped ball into the penalty area. The hook effort on target is slightly behind the expanding Daly.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:22


England 1-0 Italy

Return! Nobbs and Zelem replace Walsh and Park in midfield.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:19


HALF TIME! England 1-0 Italy

He’s almost ready to go again in Coventry – and Jordan Nobbs and Katie Zelem are getting ready to pitch for England.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:18


HALF TIME! England 1-0 Italy

So far, it’s very good for England in terms of two-over-two wins in the Arnold Clark Cup.

Sarina Wiegman will look more at the performance after making nine changes on her side.

Rachel Daly certainly made her statement by scoring after being picked from the front. Katie Robinson was smart and gave Daly a great assist in the head.

Yet England lacks a bit of rhythm. Italy surrounded Keira Walsh and Jess Park was not as effective as she could have been, while Laura Coombs remained silent.

Defensively, England was pretty solid.

Jamie Braidwood19 February 2023 16:10


HALF TIME! England 1-0 Italy

And this is halftime! England took the lead at the time-out with Daly’s header.

(FA via Getty Images)

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:05


England 1-0 Italy

45 minutes: Get off the bar! Hemp, now on the right, throws a swinging cross into the middle where Daly rises well again. This time the header hits the post and then the flag for offside is raised. Daly was gone early, so it didn’t count anyway.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:03


England 1-0 Italy

43rd minute: Half chance for Italy! Bonansea spins well in midfield and heads into space. Giacinti wanted to dodge Carter’s shoulder and Bonansea tucked him in, but Roebuck read it well and rushed to pack up. Good goalie.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 16:01


England 1-0 Italy

39th minute: Italy has not yet responded to England’s opening goal. They set out to restrain England, but their confidence seems insufficient when they get a chance to advance.

Carter clears the Italian attack while Giugliano searches for Giacinti.

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 15:57


England 1-0 Italy

Great title from Rachel Daly.

Jamie Braidwood19 February 2023 15:56


AIM! England 1-0 Italy (DALY 33′)

The lioness has taken the lead! Robinson scores and Daly faces England first!

It was a great game from England starting with a wide ball from Greenwood to Hemp. The winger advanced, but Italy failed to clear the cross properly. Le Tissier gained a substantial head to keep England in the forefront and played wide against Robinson from the right.

This time he found his middle goal: Daly beat the defender on the ball and took a header past the Italy goalkeeper. A great move and a great goal for Daly to achieve – reaffirming his choice!

Jamie BraidwoodFebruary 19, 2023 15:49