FIFA’s World Cup report focused on concerns about the dwindling number of strikers in the game. Gareth South Gate It is known that academies in Europe are studying the subject. Arsene Wenger, who led the conversation in his role as head of the governing body’s technical working group, has long been particularly interested in the subject.

Southate is currently facing a player shortage in that region. Ivan ToneyEight-month suspension of only increases addiction Harry Kane. Among the only substitutes he currently has callum wilson31 years old. Southgate also considered Ollie Watkins, 27, but the Aston Villa striker was relegated to Malta and home to North Macedonia for the June Euro 2024 qualifiers.

The advancing age of forwards, with the premium of the position to dominate the summer transfer market, was discussed in the Fifa briefing. Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea are looking for the number nine, with Napoli’s Victor Osimhen leading the limited-edition option. Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur refuses to sell Harry Kane to an English club.

“It actually came up,” Southgate said of the issue. “We had a Fifa briefing and Wenger took that as a topic. We discussed number nine and where it was going. Bar (Erling) Haaland, perhaps most of the top nine players, slightly older players in Kane, (Robert) Lewandowski, (Romelu) ) Lukaku, (Karim) Benzema Interesting thing.

“A lot of academy practice can now be ball-based games, and it doesn’t always involve nine and create that kind of game. It’s something that’s been openly discussed, not just in England, but around the world.

“For our band. Ollie Watkins, I didn’t mention him at the main press conference, but he was very close between him and Callum. Callum’s performances were a bit ahead throughout the season.

“In this last period of six, seven games, Ollie had a great time and then seven or eight games without a goal, and then Callum came in just in time. Ollie was definitely one of those close considerations.”