First Test against England New Zeland Day three accelerated towards his final match at Mount Maunganui, as the Tourists completed 158 laps in the first session but lost four goals along the way.

At one stage England seemed in complete control, whipping the veteran sailor Neil Wagner abandoned, but the policies of all-out assault came at a price as Ollie Pope (49), harry brook (57) and Joe Root (54) were all resolved before they made the game safe.

On the first break, they went up to 237 for six from their overnight score of 79 for two. That put them ahead by 256; this was a considerable but far from insurmountable difference in this day/night Test.

The day started with Britain’s so-called ‘night owl’ Stuart Wide makes a quick exit. Trending on UK Twitter when she hit the crease on the second night, Broad shared her enthusiasm for the free-to-play role, but was quickly posted by Wagner when she looped into a cutout.

The left arm sailor continued to employ the same short-pitch tactics he did for Broad, but found Pope and Root far less helpful.

His next two surpluses disappeared for a grimacing 32, with Pope smashing into the line and pulling him definitively for six on three separate occasions.

Root watched, learned, and repeated, imitating the shot almost exactly as Mr. Oval gave the massive fans on the grass banks another chance to practice their catching skills.

Wagner decisively changed ends, but his hitters continued to slam. With a set of catchers for traction, Pope decided to change his plans, slapping one on top of the trench and the other on the unprotected midfield.

Wagner’s stubbornness paid off at the next ball, but Pope took another short ball and threw a glove at goalkeeper Tom Blundell.

The arrival of Harry Brook was never going to slow things down and he immediately shone a great half century with 37 cannons.

As Brook lined him up and fired harder and stronger shots, Wagner was once again in the line of fire. His beat included seven fours and two sixes, one of which swung to the ground with a flattering flair.

Wagner’s barrage finally ended as he sat on 104 out of 11 doubles, including 84 out of the last seven.

Despite throwing his own 50 close to a run-a-ball, he acted as the safe pair of hands and had to move things up to tea when Brook’s attack came to an unexpectedly timid end. After poking Blair Tickner four times, Brook wanted more of the same, but was a little tight for ground and nicked the ball to make it slide.

When the game finally entered a quiet moment, Ben Foakes got ahead of the annoyed Ben Stokes, but there was another change in the story.

In the final part of the session, Root aimed a reverse sweep at spinner Michael Bracewell and slipped off his toe to cause two unconventional throws in the match.