Marvel Cinematic Universe is turning political with the upcoming spy thriller series, A sneak attackdrops on Disney+ next month, and one of its stars seems to have arrived at just the right time for the show’s audience. Emilia Clarke Joins the MCU as a character named G’iaha Skrull radical who took issue with the lack of progress being made between the Skrulls and humans to help the Skrulls who had lost their homes, as seen in the events. Captain Marvel.

But we viewers have been familiar with the Skrulls since they played a more sympathetic role in the 2019 film. Captain Marvel which star Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn– both want to reprise their roles in the series, along with an array of returned numbers. And beautifully, the daughter of G’iah Mendelssohn’s TalosPartnering with Jackson’s Fury, he was part of promising homeless Skrulls shelter – G’iah is not happy about what. Making refugees homeless for political negotiations is unfortunately a very pressing issue in our time, especially in the context of the migrant crisis in the UK, where Clarke was born.


The political and “timely” nature of the series It’s a factor that Clarke hopes will help the show find fans outside of the usual group of Marvel fanatics. In an interview with Empire Magazine Game of Thrones star believes that the universal themes of being lost and trying to find your home — whether your methods are peaceful or otherwise — are ones that all viewers can identify with.

sneak attack
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Why does Emilia Clarke think the show is so convenient?

“I think the joy of studying political ideas in a high-level world is that you get a place to look at the problem as a whole. You’re not driven by personal experience because, let’s face it, you’re watching aliens. I think G’ By iah you will see what kind of trouble the Skull is going through.

It’s definitely a fan show, but it’s also a show that my non-Marvel-watching mom will watch and get, you know what I mean? You can get into dangerous territory sometimes with this genre, if you haven’t seen 17 other movies or shows, you can’t get it. That’s not the case at all.”

Clark joined the ranks JacksonCobie Smulders, Mendelssohn, Olivia Colman, Don Cheadle, Martin Freeman and Kingsley Ben-Adir, to name a few. A sneak attack currently scheduled premiere June 21 on Disney+ and will include six episodes. Check out the recently released trailer for the upcoming series below: