Elizabeth Olsen teases Scarlet Witch’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the events of Doctor Strange.

Elizabeth Olsen teases the return of Scarlet Witch Marvel Cinematic Universe after Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness. One of the biggest disasters in Phase 4 was the development of the Scarlet Witch. When he came from a long way WandaVisionScarlet Witch took a darker turn Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness. After the initial big bad Doctor Strange In the sequel, Wanda arrived at the end and sacrificed herself to destroy every version of the Darkhold in the multiverse. However, despite what seemed to be the end for her, Scarlet Witch’s fate remained up in the air.


By the nature of superheroes and comics, dead isn’t always dead. Recently at Comfest Con 2023 (via Agents of Fandom,) Olsen talked about his potential Back to the MCU. Without revealing anything specific, Olsen teased that Scarlet Witch will more or less return to the MCU. When asked just what he wanted, Olsen said he wasn’t sure he could say it, saying:

Honestly, if I told you what I wanted, I would be spoiling something. Because Kevin Feige genuinely asks us what we want to do with the character, and then he does it. So… I don’t know if I can share, but I want to come back!

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How and when Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch will return to the MCU

Elizabeth Olsen as Vanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, a strange doctor in a multiverse of madness

Since Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is not only a fan favorite, but also one of the most powerful players in the MCU, her return is inevitable. But the biggest mystery is how and when, especially now that Phase 5 is underway. As they head into the Multiverse Saga, it would only be natural for Wanda to make a reappearance in at least one of the upcoming movies or shows. Although Marvel Studios really wants to keep audiences waiting, Wanda may not return until Phase 6.

The basic theory is this the WandaVision spin-off show Agatha: Coven of Chaos has the look of a glazed Scarlet Witch. Even if Olsen denied his appearance, it wouldn’t be surprising if it turned out to be wrong, as MCU actors have strict contracts about what they can and can’t break. Agatha: Coven of Chaos Because of the central connection between the two characters, it would be a natural choice for Wanda to return to the MCU WandaVision. If stage 6 is what they think it is, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Secret Wars are the movies he can return to.

The biggest twist about Scarlet Witch’s MCU return would be if Olsen suddenly appeared as an entirely new version of Wanda. Whether or not this is the best option is up for debate, as fans are very attached to this Scarlet Witch. Marvel Studios is getting ready to bring X-Men to the MCU, a variant of Wanda being a mutant could be an interesting option. Hopefully this will become clear sooner rather than later when Scarlet Witch returns MCU after Doctor Strange is a universe full of madness.

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Source: Elizabeth Olsen (via Agents of Fandom)

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