Elijah Wood reveals whether or not he will return as Frodo The Lord of the Rings movies. Wood portrays Frodo among a large ensemble cast that has helped bring JRR Tolkien’s fantasy epics to the big screen since 2001. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The series filmed three episodes together and released them in consecutive years, becoming a cultural phenomenon. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Won 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.


When talking to Additional at the premiere Yellow jackets In Season 2, Wood was asked about a potential return The Lord of the Rings franchise, with the actor responding positively. While he doesn’t seem interested in rebooting the franchise, and may decry the beloved series, he isn’t opposed to playing Frodo again. In addition, the actor returned to the franchise in 2013 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, his words are expressed with sincerity. Check out Wood’s comments about returning as Frodo The Lord of the Rings below:

“Reboot… I don’t know, but if there are more movies that Frodo can be in, I’d be bummed.”

Will The Lord Of The Rings Franchise Bring Back Elijah Wood?

Frodo and the Hobbits from The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of the Rings the franchise recently found new life starting with Amazon’s treasured series Power rings. And time The Power rings Season 2 Set to debut in 2024, Wood’s Frodo is unlikely to appear on the show. Power rings Set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, which spans over 3,000 years, Frodo’s time in the Shire takes place at the end of the Third Age, meaning the time between events may be too vast to cover.

However, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema is planning an expansion The Lords of the Rings universe. They intend to bring the world of Middle-earth to life with new stories explored through various films. While this could offer Wood a chance to return to the franchise, some feel it could hurt Tolkien’s work by diluting the rich world he created. Still, the newly announced movies aren’t said to be reboots, sidestepping Wood’s concerns.

The Lord of the Rings Wood may offer other possibilities for him to reprise the role of Frodo. Given that the series has flourished in other forms of media, several video games are in development, including the upcoming Gollum In the game, Wood could potentially re-voice an in-game character. Again, with the newly announced movie plans for The Lord of the RingsThere could easily be opportunities for Wood to return to the franchise.

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