Director during a recent interview Mark Stephen Johnson He talked about the 2003 film adaptation Daredevil, a film that most fans will not be interested in. The theatrical version of the film did not do well, but later a director’s cut was released and it did well.

While talking Yahoo! For the film’s 20th anniversary, Johnson explained that much of the love story in the film was based on a Marvel Comics story. Frank Miller. In the story, their romance ends with the death of Elektra, played by the assassin Bullseye Colin Farrell in the movie.

It’s something the filmmaker says he’s “particularly proud of,” explaining: “It’s actually panel for panel from a Frank Miller comic: Bullseye saying, ‘You’re good, but I’m a wizard,’ and cutting to Elektra (Jennifer Garner) throat with a playing card, then crawled on his hands and knees, bleeding out.”

It turns out that this scene in the film was too bloody and gruesome for the directors of 20th Century Fox. Johnson said: “They were like, ‘That’s awful!’

They really took out more of the gory and shocking scenes from Elektra’s death. But they were restored for the director’s part. Speaking about the director’s cut, which is his preferred version of the film, the director said, “It’s definitely the fuller version.”

Johnson admits to a mistake he made while making the film: “Looking back, one of the mistakes I made with the film was that I wanted to put it all in! I would love to do Daredevil (Ben Affleck) origin story and I wanted to do the Elektra Saga and introduce Bullseye and Foggy. I wanted everything to be there, but the film only supported so much. And then when you’re told to cut your half hour and make it more of a love story, things start to feel rushed and not quite right. That’s infatuation: when you love something so much, you want to tell it all.”

We previously reported that the film’s style and tone were inspired by films like Crow and Knifeand you can read more details about it here.