There are certain words that you associate with certain sounds. Two words that come to mind The Pink Panther. That iconic music came to mind, didn’t it? Well, we’ll hear that soon with news of a reboot MGM — now owned by Amazon — is based on the classic property, continues, and it almost has its own star man, too.

The Hollywood Reporter announced the evening of the story Eddie Murphy He is in talks to direct the film as Inspector Clouseau, a bewildered policeman whose ability to trip over his own foot leads him to solve major crimes. The cartoon panther also appears in the opening credits of the films, becoming their mascot and star in its own right, including its own cartoon series.


Sources report that the new feature project will include a mix of live action and CG, combining both traditions into one. The story is believed to follow the animated Pink Panther’s live-action crew breaking him out of an animated prison to help him commit a heist in the real world. The project is believed to be still in development.

Murphy recently starred next to Jonah Hill and Julia Louis-Dreyfus inside You People For Netflix, It became one of the most watched debuts on Netflix in 2023. Before that, he reprized the role of Prince Akeem on Prime Video. Coming 2 Americaand will soon take on another popular role from the past on Netflix Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foleyin which he portrays the title character side-by-side Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The pink panther is pointing the finger at someone on the left

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The timeless appeal of the Pink Panther

The series was created for MGM Blake Edwards, follows the nimble Clouseau as he stumbles from one crime to another. The role of Inspector Clouseau was created by an Academy Award nominee in the 1960s. Peter Sellersquickly became one of his trademark roles and saw future remakes Steve Martin step behind the magnifying glass. The The Pink Panther The series consists of 11 films so far, as well as countless series and specials.

No director or writer is currently attached to the news The Pink Panther movie, however Dan Lynn, Julie Andrews, and Larry Mirish is on board the project as a producer. Collider will have more updates on the film as they become available. You can watch our interview with Murphy You People down.