Halo Infinite has been in a long slump since its second season began 10 months ago, but 343 Industries is hoping to turn things around when Season 3: Echoes Within begins next week on March 7. Echoes Within is arguably Infinite’s biggest update since launch, as it adds new maps, weapons, and gear, and expands on the multiplayer narrative, which has been a series of constant teases until now.

Oasis’ new large team battle map is the perfect addition to the Infinite roster. Fans have been dying for an environment outside of Infinite’s mountain forests inspired by Seattle, so it’s nice to see the scorching red desert enter the fray (more snow, please). The other two Arena maps mix the standard Infinite aesthetic. There’s the Cliffhanger – the grassy rocky lands – and then there’s the Chasm – the blue Forerunner saloon. They’re all great, and I’m excited to see Halo’s fancy alien vehicles on some of the bigger Arena maps.

The Echoes Within trailer also highlights the game’s community collection playlist, allowing fans to play matching games on Forged cards. Forge mode has been Infinite’s saving grace for the past few months, and it’s blessed us with fan-made replays Mario Kart DK Mountain, Whiterun City from Skyrim and some others a wild thing in general. The most interesting Forged map in the trailer is Art’s Room, an ordinary bedroom where Spartans are reduced to the size of toys and fight over a desktop, an Xbox mini-fridge and a skateboard.

Infinite’s multiplayer has tried to tell a story since launch, but so far it’s come down to awkward cutscenes. Who’s to say if that will change in Echoes Within? The trailer certainly teases a few big reveals, and the change of location is certainly welcome.

Other Season 3 additions include a new 100-level battle pass (of course), the M392 Bandit single-shot rifle, and the Shroud Screen gear, which works like a smoke grenade stuck in a bubble.

343 fought with release and turbulent development cyclesbut hopefully they can keep the momentum going for season 3 shorter seasons in 2023. The multiplayer part of Halo Infinite is currently available for free download on steam and Microsoft Store.