Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022
Dragon Ball: Destroyers
Image: Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball: The Breakers launched last month with a number of technical issues at launch. Thankfully, Bandai Namco has rolled out a large batch of fixes as part of today’s scheduled maintenance in an attempt to address these issues.

An online survival game is not the way we would expect to see it. Dragon Ball series, but we had a good time with The Breakers (getting 7/10 in our review) despite its technical shortcomings. Today’s fixes address parts of the game that were detracting from the overall positive experience, including bugs that appeared both during matchmaking and in combat.

Bandai Namco detailed all of these new changes in a blog post (thanks, Nintendo Everything), and you can find the full rundown of the latest patch notes below.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Update November 14, 2022


  • Matches didn’t progress past the vs. screen on some platforms.
  • The user interface was not displayed immediately after the start of a match in ONLINE MATCH, and other communication errors occurred.
  • If the connection is lost due to “8/8 Connecting” after the match has started, the remaining participants will not be able to use the cancel function.

During the battle

  • There were cases where the Survivors were unable to summon Shenron after the Raider “Cell” or “Freeze” launched an Ultimate Super Attack.
  • If a Survivor received an attack at the same time as using the Capsule (Unicycle) Active Skill, sometimes the motorcycle would remain on the stage and the Survivor would stop responding to certain commands.
  • There have been instances of players losing their abilities when using Senzu Beans in TRAINING MODE on certain platforms.
  • If the raider’s dialogue was played at the same time as the Barrel’s dialogue, no further raider dialogue would be played.
  • If Piccolo’s Ultimate Evil Blast was immediately followed by multiple Ki explosions, the raider would no longer take damage after the second hit.
  • An issue that prevented the viewer’s camera from returning to the player character’s viewpoint.
  • An issue that caused players to respawn while still spectating other teammates.
  • A player could no longer be revived after another player stopped the respawn process when the respawn bar reached MAX.
  • If the player dodged while using certain skills (such as a grappling device), they would start moving randomly.


  • BREAKERS POINTS intended for use with linked Xenoverse 2 accounts are not valid.

Other adjustments

  • The progress of installing power keys is now saved even if the player cancels the installation in the middle.

* This was done to help against raiders camping near the location.

To balance the fights, we plan to add something to increase the strength of the Raiders in the future.

  • In the Steam version, a key assignment category has been added so that the map/menu can be opened during combat with Enter+optional key.
  • Even if you don’t complete all of the displayed daily and weekly tasks, subsequent tasks will now be displayed.

Content will be changed in the future

  • Specification change so that the following tasks will be updated even if all daily/weekly tasks are not completed within a certain period of time.

What are you most excited to see in this update? Let us know about it in the comments!