David Heider believes that the graphics were poor even in 2009.

Lead author for BioWarean epic fantasy RPG Dragon Age seems to be in support of the publisher Electronic Arts order a remaster or remake of the first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins. David Hyder, who has been the lead writer for every main entry in the series, recently took to Twitter to suggest that Origins could be updated for the current generation on the PlayStation 5, something EA is already doing with other series such as Deadspot.

“Can you imagine it with the all-new bells and whistles of the PS5 era?” Hyder asked his followers in a tweet. The first installment in the Dragon Age series was originally launched two console generations ago when it was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009. She quickly gained a huge following for her strategic approach to four-player fantasy. combat and its engaging relationship system, but Hyder was critical of its visual effects, noting in a tweet that, graphically speaking, it was behind the times even by 2009 standards.


Following up on his initial message, Hyder on Saturday criticized the lack of variety in body types and animations used in the original release of Dragon Age: Origins. Noting that the animation and modeling teams were hampered by the limited technology available to them at the time, he particularly criticized how sultry and feminine the Morrigan, one of the series’ witches the most popular characters, moved in the same way as her much more masculine colleagues. “All the female models in DAO used a male animation system,” he explained. “I thought it looked particularly amazing on Morrigan, whose unique model had a very slim build and was altered (especially on the shoulders) to match. I can’t help but notice the changes.”

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This latest comment drew the ire of some Twitter users, who took offense to Hyder’s suggestion that characters of different genders should require different animation styles, with one noting that Mass effect Customizable main character, Commander Sheppard, used the same animations regardless of gender. However, the writer clarified his initial statement, commenting that Morrigan’s animation simply looks out of character, adding: “No other consequences.” The companion characters in Origins span a wide range of personalities, from the stoic and manly warrior Stan to the much more androgynous and flirtatious rogue Zevran, so more movement types could bring out the personalities of even his biologically male characters.

Zevran Arainai looks at the sky (Dragon Age: Origins)

Despite the perceived missteps, Hyder is right about reworking and reworking previous entries in franchises that still have a strong market presence. After the critical and financial success of his first Dead Space Remakenow EA measuring fan interest about adding a modern twist to the series’ more classic titles. More gaming options come with even more demand to make earlier installments more accessible to today’s players. This week only Capcom announced it Resident Evil 4 Remake had entered the development phase for VR mode.

EA has not announced any plans to remake or remaster Dragon Age: Origins, but the fourth installment in the main series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, is expected to be released sometime in 2023 or 2024. Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be directed by Mack Walters. production of the upcoming game.

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