Lego has announced plans to introduce Donkey Kong to its Super Mario universe.

The Donkey Kong figure will be coming this summer, but it’s currently unclear if it will be accompanied by a jungle pack or something similar.

The upcoming product was announced at the end of the Lego Super Mario Live Stream on Friday, which you can watch below.

Lego Super Mario premieres on YouTube in honor of March 10

“The Lego Super Mario universe is about to get even bigger with new adventures, exciting characters and new worlds,” said host Jack Gardner after Donkey Kong was shown. “Stay tuned for more details soon.”

The presentation kicked off with a first look at one of the newest Lego Mario expansion packs, Dry Bowser Castle Battle, which launches on August 1st and is pictured below.

In addition to the numerous Lego Super Mario sets, which are mainly aimed at young Mario fans, Lego has previously released three “premium” Nintendo kits aimed at builders aged 18 and over.

Donkey Kong is coming to Lego Super Mario this summer
Dry Bowser Castle Battle Expansion Pack

The Lego NES was released in 2020, followed by a Lego Super Mario 64 themed block of questions in 2021 and a Lego Bowser in 2022.

Lego’s recent copyright warnings confirm this he is working on a Lego Zelda setalthough it’s unlikely we’ll hear about it officially during the Mario Day presentation.