The action-packed film will hit select theaters this April.

A remote location is often a popular option when it comes to the allure of a wedding venue, peace and quiet for those seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities, but seclusion comes with a few downsides. becoming an easy target for attack, as in an upcoming action movie, The best man starring action star Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson. With the film just weeks away from hitting theaters, we now have a look at what to expect in the new trailer, which quickly makes it clear that there are plenty of guns blazing.

The trailer opens with the wedding guests arriving at a remote resort where the wedding will take place over the weekend. The hotel concierge promises them an eventful weekend, but his words are a little ominous: “You and your wedding party will have the perfect vacation to yourself, but the mistake Don’t, this is a weekend for you and your guests will never forget.” The guests have settled in and the couple are looking forward to their fun day, but in the middle of the ceremony, when the priest is in the middle of joining the couple, full chaos breaks out when the resort is heavily attacked by a group of masked men. . and heavily armed mercenaries.


To ensure that their activities go smoothly without outside interference, the terrorists turn off Wi-Fi and other communication channels and hold the entire guest hostage. They quickly make their demands clear – it’s about money, but they torture their victims and threaten to kill them all until the guests learn that they won’t back down without a fight. Lundgren can be seen strapping on his waist and going into full action mode as he tries to save the day with the help of his best man and other guests as he shoots across the sprawling resort.

Photo via Saban Films

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The team behind The best man

In addition to Lundgren and Wilson, The best man stars too Scout Taylor-Compton, Nicky Whelanand Brendan Fehr. Shane Dax Taylor directed the film based on the script C. Alec Rossell developed based on the story Daniel Zirilli. Contains manufacturers for the function Michael Slifkin, Scott Martinand Jack Sheehan And Archstone Entertainment and Zirilli Matthew Helderman and Luke Taylor BondIt Media Capital serves as executive producer.

The independent production was acquired by distribution company Saban Films last year. The best man It opens in select theaters on April 21st and is also available digitally and on demand.

Check out the synopsis and trailer below:

“Mercenaries take over a remote resort hotel during a wedding, and it’s up to the best man, the groom and their drunken best friend to stop the terrorists and rescue the hostages.”