A key moment in Manifesto’s Season 4 Episode 1 finale hints that the Omega Sapphire is literally inside Cal. But how can this be?

The most important moment Manifesto The Season 4, Episode 1 finale implies that the Omega Sapphire is literally inside Cal. Discovered during the passengers’ efforts to find an alternative solution to stop the Death Date, the Omega Sapphire quickly became an important part of the science behind the series. Based on what the characters like Olive and TJ In 2013, Omega ambassadors were able to identify a direct connection to the divine consciousness that led to the disappearance of the plane.


Infused with the energy of divine consciousness, Omega Sapphires are powerful artifacts with a history dating back to ancient times. Through the calls and their own research into the matter, the passengers of Flight 828 were able to find one of the missing Omega Sapphires, only for it to fall into the hands of Holly Taylor’s Angelina. In the end, the Omega Sapphire was destroyed, but part of the broken remnant survived and He settled in Angelina’s handthis may allow him to continue to weaponize his divine abilities.

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Cal’s dragon scar can hide the Omega Sapphire

Manifest Cal Dragon Scar

The passengers are completely bereft of the Omega Sapphire they need, but a detail suggests that another may be hiding in plain sight. Before Cal lures Angelina into the ring and defeats her, the hand with the mysterious dragon scar begins to glow blue. Not only does this mean that Cal’s secret powers are beginning to activate, but it could also be a sign that the Omega Sapphire is somehow in Cal’s possession. After all, the colors match each other.

Exactly how Omega Sapphire Its occurrence there is unclear, but such disclosure provides a working explanation for the scar. In addition to identifying him as a Dragon, the scar could be a symbol that hides the location of the Omega Sapphire’s power. Also, it fits perfectly with what the prophecy revealed by Olive and TJ said about Cal. Apparently, “Touched by Omega Sapphire.” This could be taken as a reference to Cal destroying the one used by Angelina in the following sequence, but the prophecy may actually refer to the Omega Sapphire inside of her.

The second Omega Sapphire explains Kal’s new powers

Cal in Manifest season 4 looks sick and older

The presence of the Omega Sapphire (within Cal) means that he has powers that no other passenger has. Manifesto have As can be seen from the final Cal can make his own calls and attract other passengers to them. Since Angelina can manifest fake calls with her Omega Sapphire, it can be assumed that this really makes Cal very special in the series. It also justifies Cal being strong enough to fight Angelina from his deathbed. The only answer to the power of an Omega Sapphire can be another Omega Sapphire.

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