Eddie Murphy is reportedly set to star in a new live-action hybrid version. The Pink Panther. The actor will play the role of police inspector Clouseau, which has been played by several actors in the past. In the original 1963 film, Peter Sellers portrayed Clouseau and continued in the role until 1983. Curse of the Pink Panther. Roberto Benigni took this role in 1993 son of the pink panther and in its 2006 reboot and its 2009 run as comedy legend Steve Martin Clouseau. The film hasn’t been remade since, but MGM is reportedly producing a new film The Pink Panther movie starring Murphy.


The difference between the new version and the others is that the movie will feature a real animated Pink Panther character. In the original films, the panther appeared only in the title and ending sequences, and later had its own animated spinoff shows. This time the film is bringing the panther into the storyline. Supposedly Jeff Fowler directs The Pink Panther, Chris Bremner is working on the screenplay. Murphy is a comedic genius, but the idea of ​​a panther starring in a movie is just too weird.

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Eddie Murphy’s Live-Action/CGI Pink Panther is a weird mashup

The Pink Panther in his own cartoon.

While the Pink Panther may be a well-known animated character, he had no real role in the original films. The Pink Panther reference to the precious pink diamond, so Murphy’s new film is an interesting twist. It’s a strange approach because the character never really fit into the plot of the movie and it changes the movie completely.

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The new approach carries a big risk, as it is a popular series that has been successful in the past, and there is a chance that it will turn out to be boring. Murphy has to do his best not to ruin the movie The Pink Pantherthe legacy of

Could Eddie Murphy’s new Pink Panther movie actually work?

Eddie Murphy strikes a cool pose with a gun against the backdrop of the Pink Panther cartoon

This seems like a very silly concept and is in danger of not being taken seriously at all. But if Murphy takes on this role, he’s usually pretty good at playing comedic characters. Also, Fowler had success with his hybrid Sonic movie, so there’s a chance for a new spin if he’s on board. The Pink Panther it will be good. Finally, since the animated character has been so popular since the first movie, it might make sense that he would finally get a starring role. Let’s hope the filmmakers know what they’re getting at with their new twist The Pink Panther.