Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Death from Above is the second tier mission for the White Lotus faction. To complete it, you first need to buy a Precision Airstrike and then use it to take out 10 enemies. There are several problems here. First, the Precision Airstrike is very expensive and you can’t get one at every purchase station. Secondly, if you are playing with other teammates, the kills are not distributed among all players, which makes it even more difficult. Finally, you need a reliable way to get 10 enemies. We are going to show you how best to perform Death from above, including where to buy the Precision Airstrike in the DMZ.and also how to kill 10 enemies with it.

DMZ Buy Precision Airstrike, Death from Above
DMZ Buy Precision Airstrike, Death from Above

Buy Precision Air Strike in the DMZ Warzone 2 Store

Precision Airstrike costs 12 thousand. This is a lot of money, so the fastest way to earn enough money is to complete the Radiation Contract. You should aim to get at least 24k so you can buy two of those PA, just to make sure you can kill 10 enemies. Once you have collected enough money, head to the Buy Station. The trick here is that not all purchased stations will sell the Precision Airstrike. However, we noted the location of two buy stations where we were able to consistently get Precision Airstrike. We don’t know if it’s guaranteed, but it’s been the case for us so far, so we recommend that you go there to find it.

How to Use Precision Airstrikes to Kill 10 Enemies in DMZ Warzone 2

Now that you have the Precision Airstrike, you need to figure out how to kill 10 enemies with it. The best strategy here is to wait until the end when the last exfil is in the docks. Go there and get into the helicopter. NPCs will start running towards you, so this is the perfect time to order the Precision Airstrike. Just to be sure, drop two of them just in case and you’ll almost certainly get the 10 kills you need.