Disney has found its Lilo! The studio filmed the newcomers Maya Kealoha in the live-action remake of Lilo and Stitch. He joins the previous cast Zach Galifianakis (the Hangover), takes on the role of the alien character Pleakley.

Pleakley is a member of the Galactic Federation who reluctantly becomes Jumba Jookiba’s partner as an “Earth Specialist” and is forced to help him capture the escaped Experiment 626 aka Stitch.

Directing a Hawaiian genre film Marcel shell with shoes filmmaker Dean Fleischer-Kamp and it tells the story of the relationship between a lonely young girl named Lilo and a lovable but dangerous alien named Stitch, who was created to be a force of destruction. The main theme of the film is family bonds, but the story involves Lilo and Stitch escaping from the pursuit of aliens and social workers.

The young girl who plays Lilo looks so cute and fits the role perfectly! There is no doubt that he is very excited about the opportunity to bring this character to life!