The update, scheduled for early next week, will bring all kinds of new storage options to players.

Update for Disney Dreamlight Valley will address some of the game’s inventory issues, including allowing players to place the main house chest outside. The announcement came through the theme of the game official Twitter account on Friday, noting that the patch will arrive early next week.

Publisher Gameloft announced last month what he would do several quality of life changes to the cumbersome inventory method in Dreamlight Valley. Specifically, the publisher said it will add a variety of cosmetically different chests instead of players having to guess which of the available identical chests holds the item they’re looking for, and the new mechanic will allow players to see what’s inside each chest before opening them. With the latest post, it looks like they’ll have more variety in where these chests can be placed as well.


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A few other highlights were included in the latest tweet, though they seem to be more related to bug fixes and balancing, which the publisher has often included in past updates since the game first premiered in early September of last year. . First on the list is a fix for quests preventing players from feeding animals, which has been problematic for some players.

In addition, the update will fix two issues related to individual game quests. The first is “Fix progress blocker in the cave in Hobby Stitch’s quest, which will likely fix issues with players not being able to progress from the middle part of the quest where they have to meet Stitch in the mystical cave on Dazzle Beach. Second, the game will provide the player with Dandelion Syrup in the “Feels at Home” quest, in which, among other things, players are tasked with bringing ingredients to Elsa so she can make the syrup.

Gameloft has been very active in considering player concerns when planning patches and updates for the game, and based on a recent Twitter thread, this update appears to be no different, with one post from the publisher saying, “Another update, another batch of great community feedback.”

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