an extremely emotional ending Star Trek: Deep Space Nine potential Jake asks if Sisko’s (Cirroc Lofton) tragedy has come true. The father-son relationship between Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) and Jake is the best of the lot. Star Trek. Widowed in the 359th Wolverine War, Sisko has dedicated her life to raising her young son to become the man he is. DS9 final. The fatherly relationship between Ben and Jake is reflected in the bond created by actors Avery Brooks and Sirrock Lofton. DS9.


Avery Brooks’ determination to present black fatherhood positively led him to request one change to Cisco’s performance. uncomfortable with the idea Star Treks first black lead, abandoning his unborn child, asks Sisko to promise to return from the temple. Tragically, “What You Left Behind” also separated Ben and Jake, with the former giving his life to save Bajor and serve the Prophets in the Sky Temple. As Star Trek: Deep Space Nine when it was over, Jake was staring into the wormhole waiting for his father to return. Jake’s sadness was a sad note DS9‘s acclaimed Season 4 episode, “The Guest.”

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4 foreshadowed Cisco’s fate

Tony Todd and Avery Brooks

In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine In Season 4, Episode 3, “The Guest,” a rare wormhole inversion causes Captain Sisko to disappear in the line of duty. As Jake struggles with grief, he repeatedly sees visions of his father and decides to bring him back. Jake’s desire to meet his father took over the rest of his life, forcing him to abandon his passion for writing and pursue a career in science instead. The elderly Jake Sisko (Tony Todd) took his own life to break the connection and return Ben to the Defiant to save his father from being lost forever due to a horrific temporal accident.

Old Jake’s death canceled that potential timeline, but that didn’t stop Benjamin Sisko from eventually being claimed by the wormhole. While Jake waits for his father to return Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s finale, it’s hard not to worry that he might go down a similar path to his old self in The Guest . However, Jake Sisko, who lost his father in the Defiant, was a completely different person than the grown man standing in DS9’s path in the finale.

How Jake Sisko Escapes DS9’s Visitor Tragedy

Jake Sisko Deep Space Nine USS Cerritos

In The Guest, Jake Sisko was a young man finding his way in the world, dragged down by the sudden loss of his father. In chasing Ben’s temporal echo and bringing him back to the present, Jake finds the purpose and direction he needs. He’s in a very different place in What You Left Behind: he’s visited the battlefields of the Dominion War, lived under Cardassian occupation on DS9, and started a career as a journalist. Although the loss of his father was tragic, Jake matured and gained a better understanding of his galactic significance. Sisko as emissary of Bajor.

Also, Jake has family obligations that he doesn’t have Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 4. In The Guest, Jake and Ben were still a father-son duo, but by them DS9 finale they are part of the expanding Sisko family unit. Jake cannot sacrifice his life to wait for his father’s return because he has the responsibility of being a brother to Ben and Cassidy’s unborn child. A stronger family and a better understanding of who he is as a man will stop Jake from wallowing in his grief like he did in The Guest.

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Jake Sisko’s return to Star Trek could continue Sisko’s story

Reporter Jake Sisco

Marking May 22 as Cisco Day, actor Sirrock Lofton and his Rule 7 podcast continues to celebrate the legacy of one of them Star Trekthe most complex captains. Return of Lofton Star Trek could also celebrate this legacy in space. Cisco’s next generation Terry Matalas suggested it could be a big part of both Star Trek: Legacy or potential Star Trek: Deep Space Nine revitalization As a writer and journalist, Jake Sisko could continue the story of Captain Benjamin Sisko, hero of the Dominion War and Messenger of the Prophets, ensuring that his father would never be forgotten.

These stories also provide some comfort to Cisco’s son or daughter, who may have grown up without ever meeting their father. It’s unlikely Sisko couldn’t find some way to follow his family out of the Sky Temple, but such visits would be fleeting. Reasons Captain Sisko did not return Star Trek may be a mixture of fear of destruction Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s perfect ending, and Avery Brooks is clearly interested in reprising the role. However, even if Avery can’t convince Brooks to return as Sisko, Sirrock Lofton’s return as Jake could continue the story of The Emissary. Star Trekthe future of